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Norum Heights, 01 June 23, 2011

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Baker enjoying the view of Bee Run Falls (still working on that name) from newly added land in the Mashed Potato Hills Park. Technically speaking, Bee Run Falls would be over 300 meters high, making it kind of the Angel Falls of Norum I suppose.

Yet another, whole adjacent park has been added to Norum Heights in the last 24 hours, or what’s been dubbed the Crystal Cave Ridge area. The below picture finds Baker Bloch walking within the approx. 100 meter long, double mouthed namesake cave.

Snapshot of the ridge itself, with the more accessible, slit-like cave mouth seen at the the bottom of the picture. The other, larger mouth lies just below the only structure on the ridge, a small shack perched on its terminus.

How you access Crystal Cave Ridge from the Pietmond South Gallery.

Baker’s new office of sorts in the Mashed Potato Hills. The small waterfall Mr. Bloch’s attention is drawn to in the distance represents the spring source of the very short Bee Run, only about 10 meters in length but still representing the only stream found in Norum Heights.

A look back, then, toward the central region of Norum Heights containing the guest galleries Pietmond South and Gallery in the Rocks.

Crystal Cave Ridge from the top of Pietmond South Gallery.

Mashed Potato Hills from same.


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