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“3rd Time’s the Charm” Noru June 22, 2011

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My old Blackmount property still containing the bickering Newton and Jasper statues has been inundated again, just like it was last year for a spell. Same flooder? Dunno. Anyway, I just raised my teleporter above the water level so visitors can still access the Edwardston Station Gallery from the ground if they wish. Otherwise I’m not bothered a bit by the addition.

Moving on to Noru, I took Hucka D. and Sapphire’s advise and abandoned part of my land in Otaki Gorge to purchase all the remaining available property in that sim. Good choice I believe now! (see, for ex., Norum Heights related posts above) The picture below finds Baker in the midst of the larger of 2 disconnected areas I own in Noru, on the only legitimate sidewalk on my lands there and looking toward the SoSo Gallery with the Oblong collages, once more, a direct import from Otaki Gorge where the same has been deleted from my holdings.

Gallery Jack, containing 60 of the remaining 80 collages of my Art 10×10 (all but the Greenup series — see below), has been inserted at the other end of the short walkway, opposite SoSo. This structure was also originally found in Pietmond in Otaki Gorge a couple of months ago back now. Legend has it that when “Jack” returned to the gorge, Pietmond would soon be no more. And so it has passed: although I still own some land there, the town no longer exists, with only the central TILE Temple remaining from the many buildings populating that landscape in its heyday this past winter and spring. Sad… but now I have Norum, which is turning out to be just as exciting and interesting in a very different way.

Then the final 20 collages of the Art 10×10 are found in the ne corner of Noru on another piece of land I purchased. I believe. Once more, House Greenup, the central Victorian style structure in the picture below, is a direct import from Otaki Gorge, where it no longer exits.

And finally, the Blue Feather Gallery has been reinserted in one of its former locations beside the Noru Woods.

Baker admires the mostly vacant Hanja Infohub sims from one of his several Noru cottages. Using this longer draw distance he can see all the way into the center of these sims and the infohub itself.

So heading up now to even newer Noru additions, we have a whole, second landscape opening up in the sky above the first, or what I’m calling Norum Heights in this blog. Already it is composed of two, separate parks, connected by a central “guest galleries” region for my Gallery Jack/SoSo complex. These host galleries are also familiar to regular blog readers, being the old Pietmond South Gallery (Rougeau, Sadler, Casey, Max Ernst exhibits) and also Gallery in the Rocks (Stegokitty exhibit). More guest galleries might be added to this collection in the future.

But the picture below comes from the larger of the 2 parks adjacent to this central gallery area, dubbed the Mashed Potato Hills Park. The bee appearing to loom in the sky above the only water in the park is actually much more in the foreground that landscape, and is a holdover object from my old Noru builds last year, along with another, similarly sized but different bee seen in part to its right in the below snapshot. Both bees are about 10 meters long; Mash Potato Hills Park as a whole, is well over 100 meters in length and probably close to that number in depth.

Shot from the side of the larger of the two Mashed Potato Hills, called High Hill.

Baker standing beside a mysterious hole on the top of High Hill. More on all that soon.


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