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Fisher Rigg Area, 01 June 7, 2011

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Barn-like store with a bunny as a logo in front of a portion of exposed road shaped like bunny ears, seemingly. Most likely just an accidental conjunction, and I’ve actually already noted this very same phenomenon in an earlier blog post, but couldn’t remember the store’s location at the time. And, you know, I’ve already forgotten where it is again (!) Is this some kind of bunny memory curse?

Woohoo! Baker Bloch just found it flying around Fisher Rigg, searching on the Circuit La Corse. So here’s the slurl in case anyone is curious, and so I’ll have a record of it myself. Turns out the store is a bunny breeders market owned by the MW Group, and only a couple hundred meters southwest of Fisher Rigg itself. Part of the Greater Fisher Rigg area in essence. Nice.

Baker continues to bike southwest on the Circuit La Corse that night, encountering a number of road textures in the process, like this nice cobblestone effect.

Then for the next picture we switch to the northwest of Fisher Rigg, just west of where this route crosses the narrow body of water Hucka D. has called the Firth of Fred. This would be in the Shetlon sim, still about 200 meters from the firth itself. Nice wooden area ahead of Baker here, with a number of large ficus trees spread out over most of the Plissco sim immediately west of Shetlon.

Still on the Circuit La Corse, Baker encounters an arched mountain jutting abruptly up from the surrounding landscape in Ashenlave. If he turned around here, the the sapphire blue waters of the Firth of Fred that he recently crossed would still be visible. Baker is checking the elevation of this Ashenlave peak right now and finding it to be about 120 meters, or 100 meters above the surface of the Firth of Fred still visible to the west from this top.

Continuing west, Baker catches a glimpse of the northern ocean through intervening lowland. That’s a giant apple peculiarly positioned in the middle of otherwise abandoned land in front of him.

About a 1000 meters up from this the Circuit La Corse splits in two, with what in essence is a shortcut heading south and the loop around the northwest part of Corsica continuing straight. The loop and shortcut meet back up in Shempo a number of sims to the southeast.

Baker decides to save the loop journey until later, and skirts past this large, double peaked mountain to the left while navigating the shortcut. This is the very same mountain that Baker Bloch briefly contemplated buying one of the two peaks of way back in 2008, which would have meant giving up all his Rubi property at the time. He decided it was too much of a loss to risk.

The same peak from a considerable distance to the south now.

And *this* is the newest Corsica mountain Baker is still deciding whether to buy, only about 2 sim lengths away from the higher mountain just spoken about that was not chosen almost 3 years prior. I’ve already mentioned this smaller peak recently, calling it Wilsonia for various reasons I’ll go into later, hopefully.

Here we actually have a juxtaposition of the two peaks using a 512 meter draw distance. Wilsonia peak, in the background, is just to left and up from the top of the granite one in the forefront of this picture.


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