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Fisher Rigg, 01 June 6, 2011

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What I’m calling the Fisher Rigg in this blog is a small town that seems to be mainly split between two sims: Fishers Rest and Fourd. The name Fisher Rigg, according to Hucka Doobie, is the original or ancient or historic name of the community, and not currently used as such.  Hucka Doobie further states that the sim name Fishers Rest derives from Fisher Rigg, and not visa versa.

Below is pictured an underwater temple lying within the water strait just north of the town.

Baker first accessed the Fisher Rigg, while exploring one night, by the bridge across the strait just mentioned, a part of an official Linden road called the Circuit La Course already pictured a number of times in this blog through other Corsica continent related posts.

The town itself takes up considerably less than 1 sim’s worth of area, so it certainly isn’t a Chilbo, for example. Nonetheless, there’s a lot packed into such a small area. Is it an incredibly pretty town? Not by ordinary definitions. Again it’s not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as Chilbo, or Teasdale or Sternberg or Parktown or most of the other virtual communities discussed in this blog. There’s definitely a sense that the town’s creator is not that familiar with building in Second Life: many textures within the community seem ill fitted, and the buildings themselves often nonfunctional. For example, many have very low entrances, and oddly placed doors, windows and stairs. There seems to be no internal rental system to allow outside businesses to move in easily to improve commerce, and perhaps in connection with this, not much evidence of habitation. There are a number of stores, but it is unclear who they belong to. Perhaps most are owned by the holder of the town’s land itself, one Naoki Xomotron, who according to his SL profile only speaks Japanese.

In saying all this there’s something really charming and seemingly meaningful about this small burg — different. There’s lots of little nooks and crannies to investigate in the compact area, connected by stairs and ramps that at first glance often seem to lead nowhere. To add to the mystery, most of the land and object descriptions are obvious English translations of Japanese, and often do not make much sense — again, at first glance.

I guess the best comparison that comes to mind is with old Nowtown community on the Jeogeot continent, with its similar strengths and weaknesses. But then again, Nowtown was more rural and spread out, and although near the ocean was also not a port city, unlike Fisher Rigg.

In fact, Fisher Rigg, seems to potentially be a very strategic port town in western Corsica, lying at the confluence of several bodies of water. From the town’s harbour extending northwest for 4 or 5 sims is a narrow lake or bay, almost divided into two parts through a middle neck region currently filled with 6 or 7 tiny islands. One might imagine that two bodies of water could probably be formed if the land beneath this neck was raised high enough. To the east of Fisher Rigg lies what Hucka Doobie has indicated to me is called the Mouth of Ralph, a roughly circular bay about 4 sims in area, with a western outlet to the Linden Ocean surrounding Corsica as a whole. Hucka Doobie further states that the islands within this outlet have also understandably been associated with teeth names, like Bicuspid and Molar.* To the south and southwest lies a third body of local water, again narrow but in this case not connected with the Mouth of Ralph bay unlike the similarly shaped one to Fisher Rigg’s north and northwest. Instead it directly connects with the Linden Ocean to the south, forming a bay to that ocean in essence.

Revealing more information about the region’s past, Hucka Doobie has also told me that the Mouth of Ralph bay and narrow lake extending west from it has also been known as the Firth of Fred, and promises more information on that name in the immediate future. In googling the name “firth”, I wonder if it isn’t connected with the quite similarly shaped Scottish bay called the Firth of Forth. But I could be quite offbase here, and I probably should wait for Hucka Doobie’s clarifications before speculating further about the matter.

Below is pictured the town’s only gas station, it seems, with a number of derelict vehicles parked outside.

The town also has a small railroad, although all attempts by Baker Bloch to ride the passenger cars have failed to date. Exploration of the town’s many levels, including the multi-tiered train track, are hampered by the land owner’s choice to disable flying within the city limits. Another complication is that Fisher Rigg, although small, is almost evenly divided in two by the Fishers Rest (north) and Fourd) sims (south), as mentioned before.

One certainty about the town is that the highest and most dominant building is this castle-like structure on its southern edge, with a central tower whose top is 120 meters above the surrounding bay.

A small church is perched on a grassy terrace on a neighboring structure.

Within is this shrine to 3 anime characters of unknown origin. Again, I much anticipate Hucka Doobie’s attempted clarifications of all these riddles and mysteries surrounding Fisher Rigg.

A bar within the town. Wonder if they actually have virtually live performers here on occasion? I would be very interested in attending if so, through Baker Bloch or another of my avatars of course.

Room within the castle-like tower, with Egyptian-like heiroglyphs. Do they hold additional, cryptic messages concerning Fisher Rigg’s past?

Baker takes a rest from exploring in a plaza area on the town’s west side. Yet another mystery is the appearance of 20 boxes in this courtyard with no clearly understandable reason for being there. These kind of boxes also appear in other parts of the community.

Yet another interesting object in the town: a 47 prim “(@II@)CarbonFreeze Janakira !!” according to its description. A type of nod to the similar Hans Solo freezing in the original Star Wars trilogy? But for what reason?

More soon from Fisher Rigg!


* Hucka Doobie also states that an island named Wisdom was removed from the Mouth of Ralph at some point in the past so that larger ships could more easily make their way to Fisher Rigg from other Corsica and Gaeta ocean ports. Ironically, Hucka also says that this was not a wise decision to make, since it also paved the way for the invasion — coming from the direction of Gaeta reportedly — which signaled the end of FR’s golden age.

A photo of Wisdom Island before its removal, courtesy of the Fisher Rigg Preservation Society.


2 Responses to “Fisher Rigg, 01”

  1. June Trefoil Says:

    Corsica is becoming one of my favorite continents although I’ve barely scratched the surface exploration-wise. I have a small parcel on Pearl along a blue cobblestone road. Haven’t done much with it yet but I’m keeping it as a base.

  2. Nice June. What I’m calling Fisher Rigg, split between Fishers Rest and Fourd sims, is not far at all from Pearl in a northeast direction. I’m still poking around the place, and will share more blog pictures and text on the subject soon. If you get a chance to head over there, let me know what you think! I’ll also provide a map of the general area soon, hopefully.

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