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Very Latest… May 31, 2011

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So here’s what I’m going to do *now*. Stay in Otaki Gorge/Pietmond but not Teepot (all land sold in latter today). Downsized from 40 dollars to 25 dollars a month land tier. Going to keep renting Crabwoo property for 4 bucks a week until can figure out what to do with it.


There were only 2 TILE Temples: Crabwoo and Pietmond. There wasn’t one in Teepot. I tried to duplicate the temple there but it didn’t work. Plus at the last I was having problems even rezzing objects on the land (no prob in Otaki Gorge in the same login). “Sign.”

Pietmond’s TILE Temple was based on Crabwoo’s, but built on the grounds of another religious center, an original Pietmond Cathedral.

I own the core of Pietmond land again, but I will not rebuild the town. Instead the gorge will return to a natural state, the core again. The important part is owning it once more. The rivalry with Teepot was briefly reflected but then dispelled in this transition back to premium membership. Teepot, again, will not be reenergized in any way. And Pietmond will only exist, as I said, in its natural state on the ground. All Pietmond builds will focus on skybox creations.

The focus of a skybox build will probably be on a new version of the TILE Temple in Pietmond, probably with attached galleries. But the gallery/galleries will not be central this time around.

Crabwoo temple still around… for now.


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