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Dr. Moon May 26, 2011

Filed under: Mãebaleia Continent,Rubisea (Carcass-One) — baker Blinker @ 2:26 am

Baker tops a Lycanthrope ridge to encounter this great view down to Rubisea. Worthy of a snapshot, he thought.

Ditto for this great view, again from a ridge, down to a neighboring, as yet unnamed larger lake of Maebaleia’s Lake District. This would be the ppol to the immediate west of Rubisea, as opposed to the similarly sized one to its immediate north already recently described a bit in this post and this post. The view here would be from the Loogaroo sim.

Yet another Lake District lake, this time the westernmost one and also the smallest, along with Rubisea. It lies almost entirely within the Aswang sim, although a tiny bit projects into the lower part of Taernils Bluff to the north. The parrot already pictured in this post from early 2010 still seems significant, especially after finding another parrot apparently highlighted in several ways at another Lake District lake. I have a feeling I’ll be talking about all that more soon enough.

More interesting structures and objects from the 1/4th sim sized parcel in Taernils Bluff also containing the parrot pictured above.

Completely unrelated picture now, except it’s still from Maebaleia, more eastern part this time. The sim location is Triglav; I just remember liking the rock being.



3 Responses to “Dr. Moon”

  1. Larre Leborski Says:

    Indeed!! I just love messing around with that dead parrot. I just bought a good mass of land in Taernils Bluff, and near there is where that Parrot still lies today. you may see some great Oak trees there.

  2. Thanks for the comment Larre! Glad you’re apparently doing research on your new home sim. 🙂 I’ll stop by to see the oak trees very soon. Great location!

  3. Larre Leborski Says:

    Indeed.. I just bought some more land in Taernils Bluff.. the only thing is when I bought it, the old Dead Parrot perished :(. I have a copy and will put one out for memorial purposes.

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