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Crabwoo Reflection? Incubus? May 26, 2011

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Great Mysteries of Maebaleia, Part 11: The Crabwoo Reflection. Subcategory 02.

I first discovered what appears to be this authentic mystery anomaly back in summer 2009 shortly after finding Crabwoo itself. Directly south of the 2 sims obviously making up Crabwoo at the time and outlined in pink in the map below, were 2 solid pink squares of the same dimension, or 2 side-by-side sims once more. I noted it at the time but then never reported it to this blog. Just a slip of the mind.

So tonight when hopping around Maebaleia taking shots, I noticed that these same 2 “Crabwoo Reflection” sims were again highlighted in a solid color on the SL map, purple this go around, indicating that both whole sims are up for auction at the same time. 2 bordering mainland sims classified like this seems a rather rare occurence in SL, although I might be wrong.

Then while looking at this map and noting another whole sim up for auction (northwest) and thus also highlighted in purple, I thought of the small parcel in the Incubus sim in the middle of all this that I had place in my picks several weeks ago. The below map capture was created after I teleported over to that parcel, in fact. Let’s tune into Baker Bloch there now, then,…

… as he stares at these 2 purple-ish plants lying on either side of the narrow 1024 lot and thinking that an association might be made with the purple colored sims mentioned above. He also associates the slummy, patched bed he’s standing on with a very similar colored mall occupying a sim (and a bit more) below and in-between the 2 purple colored ones on the above map. Incubus itself is in the middle of all this; Baker’s virtually physical position on the map in same is marked by a yellow ringed circle at its center.

Another layer of the anomaly comes from the fact that Baker cannot properly sleep upon the mattress he himself rezzed on this property, although he can sleep sitting up if necessary, as seen below. Tough to see if his eyes are actually closed, though, from this angle.

And then there’s a red flower of the same species closest to the small, wooden hovel on the property — might figure into this as well, or act as a reinforcement for the more violet of its species to the center and left here.

Baker then decides to visit the brown-ish mall mentioned before. Nothing out of the ordinary, it seems, just a run of the mill SL mall, this one specializing in wedding paraphernalia.

Then of course he must also pop over to the Crabwoo Reflection associated sims to see what-up there. This would be Boris (west) and Maklovar (east). Turns out a whole city may be in the making.

Is this the creation of *True* Crabwoo by chance??

In checking behind Baker’s Bloch today, there indeed seems to be something to all his keen insights. The Crabwoo Reflection is real, and also the Incubus microcosm mirroring this reflection near its center.

I suppose it goes without saying that they’ll be more on all this coming up soon enough. But I said it anyway!


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