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Around Crabwoo, 04 May 22, 2011

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The ridge region once more looking north to south across almost the full length of the Lycanthrope sim. In the distance you can see the giant wolf atop the cave-shaped store called the Werewolf House. Again, nothing seems to have changed about the store since Baker’s 2009 stay. There is certainly a sense of calm stability about the general area, at least in comparison to many SL spots.

Baker doesn’t remember visiting this specific area in 2009, though: a quite interesting looking house in Totem north of Lycanthrope and owned by the Market Beach Sky Ampitheatre group, who apparently have purchased a consider amount of land in the sim.

Interesting amorphous blue pattern on an otherwise transparent rectangular prim above a rental unit on the slope heading back to the 3V Rentals chapel…

… which, in Baker’s strangely geared mind again, seems connected to this parrot found flaying about in the corner of the single room structure just below. He thinks back (and I with him) to the association of Crabwoo and parrots as expounded upon in this 2009 post for example, and specifically attached to the same color, cyan, as the amorphous pattern hanging in the sky.

Front of the building whose back is seen in the second picture of this post. It’s called a Mudshake house, a description I was unfamiliar with but seems to have something to do with this SL photo from flickr, googled very quickly in a search for “mudshake + house”. I hope the owner didn’t mind, but I decided to take a look around inside, since the door was open. Nice interior — cool, antique-ish textures, interesting and unusual (in a good way, though) arrangement of rooms within, and lots of windows for outside peerage.

Another house on the south side of this particular lake owned by the same group.

More rental houses along the same shoreline. Pretty nice vibe to the area, actually…

… and Baker takes just a moment to pose within one of the unused rentals for a location shot.

Then just over 200 meters directly south is Baker’s old rental unit in Blue Drake, which seems to have gained an extra story since he rented it out almost 2 years ago now. Now I’m sure it’s simply the case of a different house substituted for the older house, but Baker likes to think it’s just a ramped up version of the same house. I’ll let him have his fancy in this.


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