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Around Crabwoo, 03 May 22, 2011

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The next night Baker decides to head even further south from Crabwoo, detemined to revisit his old stomping grounds at Rubisea. Here he looks back on one of the Aeryglow Wildlife buildings in Phasmogoria, perched on a cliff above the southern shores of the Blue Feather Sea.

Continuing to fly south, following the green ridge extending from Crabwoo, Baker pauses to take this picture looking north.

One the same ridge, Baker comes to the end of Route 8 in Soulgiver, with a line of trees and rocks extending from the terminus.

The terminus itself: a tunnel which leads nowhere and somewhere at the same time. An explanation from the Second Life wiki concerning the Satori network of highways (note: Satori is the same as Maebaleia here):

Because of it’s shape many call this the “Japanese” continent. With that in mind the roads and public buildings along these roads have an eastern stylistic flair. Originally the roads were supposed to connect, but due to mistakes when the land was divided as the regions were brought online many of the routes end in abrupt dead ends. A system of false tunnels and billboards at dead ends will offer teleports when touched to allow travelers to easily keep exploring the road network without having to backtrack or search the map for where the road picks up again.

So what this means specifically for the Soulgiver terminus is that if you touch one of the two laterns on the side of the tunnel, a map will open up offering teleport to Route 8C in Ogilvie, many sims to the south but apparently part of the same highway according to the botched Linden master plan for the continent.

From the end of Route 8, Baker heads east toward Rubisea. Another quick snapshot of a cottage along the way, on a 512 parcel claimed over 3 years ago. He can’t help but think that perhaps this is the way SL should look: a landscape dotted by such quaint cottages with larger structures in the minority.

And, really, this is what makes the Rubisea area kind of unique, for it is sort of a fulfillment of this idea. Vincent Borgnine, owner of the 3V rentals that have extensive holdings in both Lycanthrope and Blue Drake in the region (and perhaps other, neighboring sims as well), has done a quite marvelous job of creating a bucolic setting for his tenants. Baker stands before one of many cabins and house available for rent from his group.

Not a part of the 3V holdings but an interesting, silly little pool of solid blue water nonetheless, and one Baker remembers from his hikes around the area in the summer of ’09. Doesn’t seem to have changed one bit.

There are many Linden trees planted in the area, creating almost a forest one could say.

Baker bikes up to the ridge immediately west of the Rubisea pool itself. Here he takes in the view from a green patio area connected to the 3V Rentals chapel also known about before.


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