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Around Crabwoo, 02 May 20, 2011

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Continuing: Just across Route 8 from Imagine Land is one of the mid-sized Linden lakes of what I’m calling Maebaleia’s Lake District, considerably larger than Rubisea which we will be revisiting in a moment through Baker Bloch, but also considerably smaller than the Blue Feather Sea. The pool appears to be about the size of 1 sim (256×256 meters).

Looking south across the expanse of the as yet unnamed lake.

To me, the most interesting part of the lake is along its southern shores, but from this angle, using a 256 meter draw coupled with remote viewing, I was not able to make out much of what was going on there, with just a building or two coming into focus. We’ll return to this southern shore area soon for a closer look, though.

Tiny bears seemingly caught in some turbulencel near the northwest corner of the lake. 39 prims worth of cuteness indeed.

Then moving to the other side of Crabwoo, even considerably northeast of the Blue Feather Sea, I thought I’d take some photos of a rather delapidated house that caught my eye upon just randomly combing the area because of its relative remoteness and interestingly colored vegetation. This would be in the Malvern sim.


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