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Around Crabwoo, 01 May 20, 2011

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Heading into Moliman southwest of home sim Malyshkin this night, Baker decides to revisit a nearby neighbor’s place called Imagine Land for a closer inspection. He comes away quite impressed! To start off, the whole area is dotted with large sculptures, most kinetic and golden, and with the tallest (non-kinetic in this case) reaching 100s of meters into the sky.

There’s even a picture of the sculptures within the compounds — maybe some master plans?

I like the way the group owner mixes linden plants with non-linden ones here to make entirely new species, as it were.

The land also contains hobo themed objects and structures mixed in with the slick looking stuff. The mix works very well in my opinion.

Here’s that very tall sculpture I mentioned. Baker can’t see the top with his current 128 meter draw distance, but he knows from flying up that it’s a finishing red section added to the silver, gold, and orange twirly parts you can see in the photo below.

He will return!


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