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Crabwoo(d), 01 May 18, 2011

Filed under: Crabwoo,Uncategorized,Wiltshire (RL UK County) — baker Blinker @ 7:03 pm

Several days ago, a curious reader of this blog wrote me asking if the name Crabwoo had anything to do with Crabwood, England and the famous crop circle appearing there in 2002. Yes! Here are some pertinent Youtube videos on the latter subject. I’ll have more to say further down the road, but in the meantime check here, for example, for older blog thoughts.

OH, and Carrcass-3 is also a directly related blog category.


Longer videos:


3 Responses to “Crabwoo(d), 01”

  1. Jeff Says:

    What is the music of the second to the last video Sequence

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