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Aoxom Front Back Moxoa May 18, 2011

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“So there they are. Biggie and her calf Oliver. Don’t you think? Anyone?”

Hucka D.:

I hate the living.


You hate daylight you mean.

Hucka D.:

The living put out so much garbage. Hard to hear. Yadayadayada Drilldrilldrill Hammerhammer Scream Rumble Snort Sneeze Cough Wheeze Stumble Sirens Oklahoma. (pause) Omaha.


Are you up for this, then?

Hucka D.:

We can attempt. We can try. Stop sneezing!


baker b. is trapped inside the Blue Whale from 5 years ago. A repeating repeating repeating song plays on on on.

Hucka D.:

That’s called thoughts.


He sips his lemonade water beer cooler. He makes happy face. He talks about serving in the Hide and Seek division of the Wazobian army. Or air force… no, army. He makes a girl sick by talking about liquor too much.

Hucka D.:

No, she was already sick.


Okay, then. Why is he there?

Hucka D.:

*He* will keep popping up to help you.


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