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Greater Crabwoo crop circles reinvestigated. May 12, 2011

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First off, before starting this, I’d like to report a new crop circle in Wiltshire, info found here:

Not much to see on the surface, but I like the introductory comments enough to quote in full:

This is quite a startling discovery in very young barley. It certainly takes me back to over twenty years ago, from the 1990 days in Wiltshire. This is what we were all very used to seeing back then, very simple designs, with a sense of excitement of what they could become. It’s a great indication, that the earlier designs are very much part of what’s occurring today. The precursor of what was to be an evolutionary road in geometry and complexity. Perhaps the phenomenon is telling us not to ignore the purity of what was occurring at the very beginning.

Seems like wise words indeed, and reminds me quite a lot about how audiovisual synchronicity progressed from the very simple, early days of Dark Side of the Rainbow, although no one save a handful of people know the entire history of, what in my opinion, is a very similar type of development. In fact, there seem to be some direct connections between the Greater Crabwoo crop circle pictured in photos below and a/v synchs. I believe I’ll be going into considerably greater detail about all that soon enough.

There is a quite startling parallel between this set of virtual crop circles and a “real’ set appearing in Chesterton, England in mid-summer, 2009, centered upon the appearance of a working 4 sail windmill very nearby each — in fact, each set can be said to “point” directly to the windmill, or indicate it as part of the overall pattern.

Yet in looking over the Second Life profile of the avatar who owns both the virtual windmill and crop circle, I doubt his created, bucolic tableau is any type of homage to the former; it is merely chance or coincidence as we like to say. But I also believe there is meaning behind this coincidence, moving it into the realm of Jungian synchronicities, or, as Carl Jung himself variously put it, “acausal connecting principles”, “meaningful coincidences” or “acausal parallelisms”. Often these are described as also being part of a web of meaningful coincidence or appearing in various sets or relationships themselves.

Inside a watermill to the northwest of the crop circles.

Baker sits beside a nice stream next to the watermill, with crop circles visible in the background. The object in the middle of the pond between Baker and the crop circles is a beaver dam…

… better seen from this angle.

Baker relaxing in a rocking chair at the watermill, with both the windmill and the crop circles (right) in plain sight.

Baker enters the field containing the circles, which number 3. In addition, several paths lead off from the circles, mainly leading to other circles but with one exception, which is instead a dead end. It is difficult to determine, in this virtual setting, whether these are suppose to act as part of the crop circle design (like connecting lines first seen in 1990) or conversely represent merely manmade paths.

2 of the circles appear to be about the same size in the design, and their interior whirl of bent grains seem identical as well. A considerably smaller circle appears near the northeast corner of the field, more separate from the two although connected to both through the aforementioned paths.

A shot from near the ground across the center of one of the two larger circles, looking toward the windmill. Again, the path seems to point to the windmill, just like the triangle pattern of the Chesterton crop circle points to the counterpart, real life windmill.

I’ll have to dig deeper into the designer of the Greater Crabwoo circle’s profile to see if other, “meaningful coincidences” surface. It would probably also be appropriate to mention here that the Chesteron crop circles have already, er, cropped up in this blog, but in a totally different context. I’ll just leave you with the appropriate link to peruse if you wish, and save additional comments for later until I do some further study.*

Baker enters the windmill itself, but hastens his investigation when he discovers that the place contains black widow spiders. Ick!

Quick picture of windmill gears and then he’s outta there!

* See also this link for present perusal purposes if you wish:


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