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Moon Temple May 5, 2011

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Baker attempts to love Maebaleia by biking on one of its several paved routes. A monitoring police officer doesn’t help his pessimism — he finds the ride mostly bland and the scenery basically devoid of interest.

But a return trip to the Blue Feather Sea and the Crabwoo area quickly lifts his spirits.

Checking out the baby blue whale again on land owned by the Aeryglow Wildlife company, on a hill above the lower part of the Blue Feather Sea, in Phasmogoria once more.

Swinging on the shores. Great spot!

Rare closeup picture of a mugg’n Baker Bloch. I believe the expression animating his face at the time is called “repulsed.”

While in the neighborhood, Baker visits the huge Mayan temple-pyramid that is the supposed former home of none other than Blue Feather Douglas, perhaps the most powerful avatar to have existed in any virtual reality, even including non-terrestrial ones. A working theory, anyway.

But first a quick tour of the Blue Feather Sea in an available sailboat.

Baker is soon back inside the temple, checking out its intricacies. Like this moon globe found near its top, and attached to a chain, apparently for raising and lowering purposes.

But then Baker moves further up to find that the chain is attached to nothing at the top except the moon itself. Hmmm…

Blood on the floor of a hidden room in the pyramid’s tip insinuates a hideous deed involving perhaps animal or even human sacrifice. Sacrifice to the moon? Recent?


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  1. […] Fact: there is a huge *Mayan temple* at the southern end of Second Life’s Blue Feather Sea, and I had already surmised that Blue Feather Douglas built it as a Temple of TILE of sorts. Pictures here [link needed]. […]

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