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Vistas May 4, 2011

Filed under: Crabwoo,Mãebaleia Continent — baker Blinker @ 6:51 am

The first vista comes from Maebaleia, but considerably south of current home base of Crabwoo, and below the continent’s Lake District as a whole. Here we are in Incubus on a parcel called “Nother World”, owned by Aria Tisch. In fact, it looks like Aria owns almost the entire sim according to prim count. In her picks, she desrcibes Nother World as a place of, “exploring, fishing, RLV, traps, forests, magic and whimsy.” Below we find Baker perched on the edge of a green pond teaming with various aquatic life and lined around with colorful trees and bushes.

Back home in Crabwoo now, Baker sits on a hump of ground beside the Dazed and Confused shack near his temple, admiring the grassy expanse of a neighbor’s parcel.

Gazing down at the southern stretches of the Blue Feather Sea while sitting underneath a high prim English oak straddling the Phasmogoria-Guiler sim line.


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