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Beggar’s Bowl May 4, 2011

Filed under: Crabwoo — baker Blinker @ 5:34 am

Yet another possible, official Maebaleia sink, this time very near Crabwoo — part of Great Crabwoo, really. If we were up to 12, is this the 13th? Baker’s Dozen Sink?

The sink lies mainly in Moliman, the sim caddycorner to Malyshkin in a southwesterly direction. It also creeps into Phasmogora. I’ll attempt to give more details later, and I think I will call it Baker’s Dozen Sink for now.* The center of the proposed sink looks to be about 350 meters from the Crabwoo’s TILE Temple, but it’s even considerably closer to the southern shores of the Blue Feather Sea.

How many sinks are there like this on the continent? Perhaps too many to even count.


* Since the Beggars Bowl sim is very nearby, with its re-creation of a Mayan temple that may have also been the stronghold of Blue Feather Douglas according to Hucka D., could the actual, original name of this sink be the same? “Beggars Bowl” is also the title of a recent track off Chapel Hill based math rock band Polvo’s newest album, “In Prism”.


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