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The controversial Orange House… May 3, 2011

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… in Crabwoo. I decided to delete the structure soon after taking these pictures.

Heading toward the temple from a new walkway.

House of Truth has also been duplicated in Crabwoo, minus the sun porch.

“Let’s bring in Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Good to delete Orange House and also Home Orange from Crabwoo. It is not really a town any longer. It all centers around the temple.


Thanks for that, Hucka D. I think I may give Lakeview 2 more weeks and then just focus on Crabwoo. “Mrs. Sea” is a fetus now.

Hucka D.:

She is the Birthday Boy/Girl.*


It all ends in Marion. You can’t get to Lulu that way. It ends at 10 and can’t get to 11. But there are 14 altogether, like the 14 sides of Shakespeare’s Globe.

Hucka D.:

11 is definitely missing. Lulu is under the bridge, under the lawn.


Missing Piece[ once more].

Hucka D.:

I’m looking… sorry.


I’m looking over some of these old Chatting A-Z posts, Hucka D. Specifically, let’s see — staring with this one, and filed under Carrcass-1.

Hucka D.:

Bill me later.




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