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Rubi, then Blue Feather May 2, 2011

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Patirubi Resident: Is she destined to line the Great Rubi Forest with floating island art? May-be. Break a leg, PR!

Out of Rubi and into the Blue Feather: maze of Arcadia Asylum sewer tubes found on the western shore, in Murmur. Don’t know if the sim is named for the REM album or not; strange, if so, given all the surrounding sims have Russian associated names.*

Below finds us looking from inside a rock at the tubes. Draw a bit further back and they become hidden within these same rocks once more.

View from underneath.

Baker sits in the middle of the main junction of tubes in the complex. Tubes to the left and back lead down to the beach area from whence he came; tubes to the front and right lead up to a room filled with green sewage not pictured in this post.

Two additional tubes lead off from this room, then. Below, Baker finds a rock impasse in the longer of the two…

… but which is suppose to lead to this manhole (central dark dot) about 100 meters inland, on a grassy hill above the shore.

The main entrance to the tube complex seems to be from this nicely landscaped area where Baker presently sits at a tiki bar. No time for drinking tonight, though — more exploring to do.

Baker finds an additional entrance to the tube system hidden by rocks from the tiki bar area and partially underwater.

One tube jutting into another tube. Such a familiar sight for Baker, given he created the same type of overlap with the various turns of the Useless Tube, last seen in Pietmond.

Looking from this entrance back into the Blue Feather Sea. Baker can make out the splotchy sea floor patterns found in Miccall just south of Murmur, a protected sea sim.

Baker couldn’t resist. He heads into Miccall. Many more mysteries may lie within its waters. He still follows in the steps of super intelligent but perhaps also super wacky Blue Feather Douglas, Karoz’s maternal grandfather.


* Hucka D. later relayed to me that the tube system, in slightly modified form, also existed in pre-Linden Maebaleia, and was known as the Russian Matrix, not to be confused with the Rushian Matrix I assume. He promises more info soon on that.


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