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Loose Thoughts… April 29, 2011

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* bring back “Wall of Ass.” Perhaps put on east side of Lakeview, behind SoSo East. But more logical place would be somewhere in Crabwoo now.

* study more of the Blue Feather Sea patterns, following once more in the footsteps of Blue Feather Douglas (down a path to wacko-ness?)

* further tie together 3 Gypsies of Maebaleia’s Moon with 3 Gypsy town names assoc. with Grassy throughout US. Obvious that Grassy and Gypsy (Purse) are directly involved. Think of song “Pluto” as well.

* Blue Feather Douglas is grandfather to Karoz, as Gypsy is BFD’s daughter. Separated from father’s continent and created The Moon of the continent. Gel contained the Heart (Rock It) of mysteries. Arab ship = Barracuda. Wilsons. Perhaps of Wilsonia.

* think more of BFD’s ties with the Satori Shallows and Chesterton. Keep in mind that Chesterton, England is site of another crop circle mentioned in this blog, related perhaps to the enneagram and DSotR again. Chesterton is also another city that BFD may have made virtually real inside SL, like Oliver, Wisconsin. Or perhaps both in one (polarized through Green Bay between them winning the 2011 Super Bowl).

* Think, then, of Oliver, WI and also Foxboro in same county. Think of Foxboro as seemingly referenced in this section of The Residents’ wikipedia article as a Resident (instead of actual Resident John Fox?). Direct quote:

On the May 21 they announced on their website that their first North America tour since Demons Dance Alone for a project entitled The Bunny Boy is set to begin on October 9 in New York – later an earlier date was added for Santa Cruz. Soon, it was announced that the tour will also include Europe, starting November 13. On June 3, the website boasted the planned release of The Bunny Boy which was released on September 1. The website had posted information in which Foxboro claimed this would be a Farewell Tour; it was later revealed that this was nothing more than a mistake by Foxboro.

Think also of OK and Fox-Clem-Wilson-Wheeler-Keller-Heald conjunction.Wilson-Fox again, like in Wilsonia Foxclaw.

* BFD as grandfather to Karoz ties into his development as a way for Mossmen, such as Gene Fade, to safely walk the forbidden territory known as Grandaddy Mtn beyond Herman and Frank Parks. Must be more of an assoc. there. Maybe tie this to Klutzy Kamper and his love of Grandaddy as well.

* Develop idea of a chromagraphic gallery in Crabwoo. Think about this more now. Follows up on CHRO (Crow) and Blue Feather Sea as 12-13 (notes, like 12 chromatic colors) as opposed to the one RED C of Rubisea. Unnasty Branch (lone feeder stream of Rubisea) not nasty now but clear.

* Creature known as Biggie or “Big E” was taken to Crabwoo after capture, true, which started the curse (Gypsy Purse > Gypsy Curse). But another, twin Biggie may have been hidden on The Moon, in conj. with the 50 meter “E” island found there upon Karoz’s return to that collection of sims. Gypsies hid second Biggie fish from BFD, who wanted to study it again. May have been female (Eve from Eva) of male taken to Crabwoo (Adam, or perhaps even Oliver (!)).

* Rabbit Hole formerly connecting Jeogeot and Maebaleia has been sealed on the side of the latter. Give maps shown the timeline of when this was sealed. Fully opened with Baker Bloch initially found it in Ulyanovysk Oblast in August 09.

* Further connection of Ulyanovysk O. with sim Uli where Baker Bloch (and Hucka Doobie) ascended to Lemon World near beginning of this blog. Assoc. further Lemon with Lennon.

* study more the other lakes of Maebaleia’s Lake District. Rubisea and Blue Feather Sea have already been connected. Others?

* think more of the deep coding within the phrase “This is the girl”, surfacely seen in INLAND EMPIRE, among other places. The girl is LOST’s Kate in another dimension, another “Eve” (to Jack’s “Adam”?). Skeletons in cave are described as Adam and Eve, but they may not be present inside One Pink. Black and white rocks with them.


Photos proving intimate relationship of Lakeview and Crabwoo? More soon!


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