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Around Crabwoo, 02 April 29, 2011

Filed under: Crabwoo — baker Blinker @ 6:15 am

We follow Baker heading toward the Blue Feather Sea again the next night, this time in a more westerly direction. Only a 100 meters or so from his Crabwoo parcel he finds evidence of remant TILE energy in the area in the form of a 4 color game called Cheesy, along with some matching seating.

Almost directly above this he also discovers an empty sky platform with remarkable views of the Blue Feather Sea.

Now some details of what Baker found in the Blue Feather itself this particular night. Turns out that he focused on the Jael sim tucked in the northeast corner of the sea. Inside he found this hillock with a sharp cliff near Jael’s own northeast corner…

… and five curious dots arranged on the sea floor more in the opposite corner of the sim.

Jael as a whole.

(to be continued!)


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