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Around Crabwoo, 01 April 28, 2011

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Baker Bloch stares out a window of the newly placed TILE Temple in Crabwoo at distant twirly color-things. “Hafta visit that location soon,” he notes.

Interesting hillocks separating Baker’s property from adjacent abandoned land. Could that heavy-on-the-plywood-prims house on the land be some kind of bleedthrough of historic Crabwoo, perhaps a part of the campus, once more? A thought crossed my mind that it could have been the president’s/chancellor’s home in those former times. Obviously just a guess, though.

But at any rate it’s nice Baker and my other alts have access to that land, unlike much of the surrounding area made up of banned property in contrast.

What remains of the presence of the formerly huge Dazed and Confused complex in Crabwoo, its obvious center. Now all we have is a a box structure providing a landmark to their new location on an estate sim called Pacific Dunes, many miles above Maebaleia and Crabwoo and inside the Great Grid Void. I’ll have to visit at some point, but I can’t help thinking in a perfect virtual world the associated stores never would have left Malyshkin.

Then comes some pictures of a structure quite far underneath the land’s surface that Baker took, thinking it also might be part of a greater mystery surrounding Crabwoo. As Wilsonia is checking behind Baker now, the structures might lie even at sea level, since it is considerably below the water table underneath the southwest corner of Vyachislav. Just as a reminder or refresher, when I visited the Crabwoo location in June 2009 for the first time (almost 2 years ago now!), the “town” appeared to fill both the Malyshkin sim and then also Vyacheslav to its west, as I discuss in a post at the time.

As Wilsonia is also discovering now, the structure is both created and owned by Logo Bombastic. In checking Logo’s profile, I also see that he was only born last year in SL, making a connection with historic Crabwoo less likely. Still interesting to note something embedded that deep in virtual crust, and colored almost entirely in the primary colors red, yellow, blue. Something to do with Piet Mondrian again, or perhaps Pietmond through him? A chance.

Church of Saints Polyeuct & Nearchos at the very center of Vyacheslav. I have visited this parcel once before through Baker Bloch, but it has radically changed since then, although the church theme has been retained. The land description is as follows:

“The Arimathean Orthopraxic Christian Church of Saints Polyeuct & Nearchos (worship services to resume shortly). Includes a lower level crypt with the Funerary Shrine of Cynthia Ruiz.”

Baker missed the crypt, but I’ll take some more pictures of the place soon enough, I believe. I’m in Crabwoo for quite some time, it seems, as it has become a new, virtual center, at least for ongoing mythology research.

Reaching the shores of the Blue Feather Sea and a look back at my nearby Tower of TILE.

Biking into the Blue Feather.

In the Blue Feather.


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