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Pietmond Exodus, Path 01: Crabwoo April 23, 2011

Filed under: Crabwoo — baker Blinker @ 10:46 am

Pietmond is techinically no more as of this writing. Two replacement villages, both considerably smaller in scope, have cropped up to replace it. The first described here is Crabwoo, already a blog category containing a number of related posts.

Since the structures have almost been totally switched out since I took the below pictures, I’ll just save a fuller description for a future post. But just for the record, we have, at this initial stage, Gallery Jack on the west side of the property, and the Pietmond South Gallery to its east.

Actually a third structure, the oft used Slum Econo Apts. crafted by the famous Arcadia Asylum, is found on the grounds still. Here we see part of the cobblestone walkways connecting it with Gallery Jack and Pietmond South Gallery.

Baker Bloch sits atop Peter’s Hill (not to be confused with Pietmond’s Peter’s Mound). More on all that soon enough!


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