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Prob’ly a done deal. April 20, 2011

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[joined in progress]

Hucka D.:

No it will involve a Slipperman and a Ladyslipper.

baker b. (turning around):

Oh hi there reader! We’re in a philosophical discussion about the melding of Jeogoet with my childhood country of Wazob, which has already taken place.

Hucka D. (also turned around):

Hi there as well.


Should we tell him/her or them?

Hucka D.:

Why not. Prob’ly a done deal, as you put it.


Hucka Doobie and I are moving to Heterocera. Prob’ly.

Hucka D.:

That’s a Second Life continent, if you didn’t know. It’s where baker b. comes from in a way. Rubi and all.


Yes reader. Rubi is where I basically started my mainland ownership experience. But it won’t be in Rubi that I settle down this time.

Hucka D.:

You have picked well[, though].


Thanks, Hucka D. All should be wrapped up in the next week. Let’s just say for now it’s not a permanent spot. But perhaps one where I can exist virtually for several months.

Hucka D.:

You might as well just rent the place and say it’s a done deal.


Yes. But of course this means Pietmond, or at least the Otaki Gorge version, will have to go. A fantastic run there, though. Over 7 months now. Hard to let go!

Hucka D. (patting back, sensing some tears):

There, there. Now, now.

bb (sniff):

I’m okay now. This is an effort to cut back on money spent on Second Life, admittedly, but also to just end a process that has run its course. Pietmond I’m talking about here. But perhaps even the new, much smaller “town” I’m planning will still be named such.

What I plan to keep on the ground are, a, the Pietmond South Gallery, b, present version of Gallery Jack, c, Gallery in the Rocks, and, d, SoSo Gallery. And hopefully I can design the place to where I have a lot of prims left over to play around with structures in a skybox. To do this, all mainland parcels I own will have to go, as I said. Pietmond, in effect, will become a kind of smaller, traveling show.


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