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Pietmond Updates, Log 2.358 April 8, 2011

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Reinstated smaller version of Blue Feather Gallery on western hill overlooking the sinkhole. Now part of leg 1 of the 2 legged Pietmond pod tour(!)

But the main project occupying me for the last several days has been the re-creation of Gallery Jack in the center of town, which, just like the earlier version, displays 3/5ths of my “Art 10×10” or “Collage 10×10”, or the Rose Hill, Yale, Newton, Hidalgo, Wheeler and Jasper series for a total of 60 collages. Quite pleased with the results — another Moard Ling freebie structure holds the collection, once more.

Oh, and the Home o’ Fibs is back beside the now filled-to-capacity Pietmond South Gallery.

Is Pietmond finally complete? Well, probably not since I have a bit over 350 more prims to play around with. Pietmond still doesn’t blow!

Wilsonia trying to figure out who the hell Heater is.


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