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New “Downtown” April 7, 2011

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 9:39 am

The Blue Feather Gallery is no more in Pietmond, at least for the present. Instead I deleted the large structure, subtracting The Useless Tube (which now really and truly begins and ends in Lime House), and put in its place another Moard Ling creation called House 56.

The lobby for now. Just playing around with positioning the Eternally Bickering Newton Jasper statues within.

Long shot. New downtown is just below the black, Useless Tube.


Here’s the most updated plan now. The 10×10 will be instated in Pietmond in the form of the classic, “cube” look, like is presently still in Blackmount. The lobby of the new Downtown will act as a welcome center for it — of sorts. In the rooms around the Downtown I’ll put newer photos by established High Country artist Edna Million. I may also reinstate the smallest version of the Blue Feather Gallery on the hill to the west, at the end of Blue Jay Way, after all.

But all this could change.


2 Responses to “New “Downtown””

  1. LOL – that’s a bloody wonderful looking build!

  2. baker b. Says:

    Thanks HB-A! Just a bunch of freebies once more. But I like the design of Pietmond in the natural sinkhole and all.

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