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“So we better talk just a little tonight, April 6, 2011

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Hucka D.:

I would recommend staying in Pietmond, of course.


Over Crabwoo. Yeah, I can’t move there. But perhaps something else will open up in the future. If I go to Maebaleia/Satori, though, it might be there. Or at least in the Lake District.

Hucka D.:

A true Lake District and not a Pond District, like Heterocera has. But you made a decision, quite long ago now, to go with dry sinks over wet lake Linden mainland depressions. And you attempted a sort of town extension in Crabwoo last fall, before the whole place winked out in toto with the leaving of DazedAndConfused. So even if you were to create a new town just south of old Crabwoo, it would be like starting over. Nothing left there.


Still tempting. But if it is to be, then land will be there for the picking.

Hucka D.:

Back to Pietmond now.


A kind of mythology within the mythology seems to be developing, revolving around Bill the Adult. I’ll study up more soon, perhaps post more here on this blog about the subject this weekend.

Hucka D.:



And 1 Pink?

Hucka D.:

Peter’s Mound. Pietmond itself. Earth and Moon. The true pod. Pod Transit System. It unites Pietmond, binds the parts, east west south, together. Makes them whole. You know that 1 Pink is buried in Peter’s Mound. 1 Pink is Peter.


Much to think about there. Thanks.


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