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Whoa, news flash! April 1, 2011

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Another change in the Pietmond skyscape. That’s a joke, btw, because there’s *always* changes going on in Pietmond. The newest one involves moving the Gallery in the Rocks back to its original location in the, well, *rocks*, and also reinserting the Tower of TILE — Quadtower of TILE, I suppose — beside it, and where one emerges from Pietmond’s underground on its eastern side. All that’s shown to the right in the pic below, along with the reinstatement of the Newton-Jasper Memorial Gardens in the foreground, where GitR use to sit until just a couple of minutes ago.

And I got’s a pod transport system now (!) Very excited. I’m created a tour and I’ll give details soon loyal reader or readers.

Interesting, long series of im’s from an old SL “friend” as well, as I was attempting to move the Quadtower. *Think* I got it straight. Maybe the info from these im’s will eventually work its way into the blog mythology — dunno. Based on what I perceive as a mainly negative experience, though, and I usually don’t like lingering too long over those type of subjects. Perhaps simply water under the bridge, then — moving on to other, greener and pastureier things and such.


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