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Loose Thoughts… April 29, 2011

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* bring back “Wall of Ass.” Perhaps put on east side of Lakeview, behind SoSo East. But more logical place would be somewhere in Crabwoo now.

* study more of the Blue Feather Sea patterns, following once more in the footsteps of Blue Feather Douglas (down a path to wacko-ness?)

* further tie together 3 Gypsies of Maebaleia’s Moon with 3 Gypsy town names assoc. with Grassy throughout US. Obvious that Grassy and Gypsy (Purse) are directly involved. Think of song “Pluto” as well.

* Blue Feather Douglas is grandfather to Karoz, as Gypsy is BFD’s daughter. Separated from father’s continent and created The Moon of the continent. Gel contained the Heart (Rock It) of mysteries. Arab ship = Barracuda. Wilsons. Perhaps of Wilsonia.

* think more of BFD’s ties with the Satori Shallows and Chesterton. Keep in mind that Chesterton, England is site of another crop circle mentioned in this blog, related perhaps to the enneagram and DSotR again. Chesterton is also another city that BFD may have made virtually real inside SL, like Oliver, Wisconsin. Or perhaps both in one (polarized through Green Bay between them winning the 2011 Super Bowl).

* Think, then, of Oliver, WI and also Foxboro in same county. Think of Foxboro as seemingly referenced in this section of The Residents’ wikipedia article as a Resident (instead of actual Resident John Fox?). Direct quote:

On the May 21 they announced on their website that their first North America tour since Demons Dance Alone for a project entitled The Bunny Boy is set to begin on October 9 in New York – later an earlier date was added for Santa Cruz. Soon, it was announced that the tour will also include Europe, starting November 13. On June 3, the website boasted the planned release of The Bunny Boy which was released on September 1. The website had posted information in which Foxboro claimed this would be a Farewell Tour; it was later revealed that this was nothing more than a mistake by Foxboro.

Think also of OK and Fox-Clem-Wilson-Wheeler-Keller-Heald conjunction.Wilson-Fox again, like in Wilsonia Foxclaw.

* BFD as grandfather to Karoz ties into his development as a way for Mossmen, such as Gene Fade, to safely walk the forbidden territory known as Grandaddy Mtn beyond Herman and Frank Parks. Must be more of an assoc. there. Maybe tie this to Klutzy Kamper and his love of Grandaddy as well.

* Develop idea of a chromagraphic gallery in Crabwoo. Think about this more now. Follows up on CHRO (Crow) and Blue Feather Sea as 12-13 (notes, like 12 chromatic colors) as opposed to the one RED C of Rubisea. Unnasty Branch (lone feeder stream of Rubisea) not nasty now but clear.

* Creature known as Biggie or “Big E” was taken to Crabwoo after capture, true, which started the curse (Gypsy Purse > Gypsy Curse). But another, twin Biggie may have been hidden on The Moon, in conj. with the 50 meter “E” island found there upon Karoz’s return to that collection of sims. Gypsies hid second Biggie fish from BFD, who wanted to study it again. May have been female (Eve from Eva) of male taken to Crabwoo (Adam, or perhaps even Oliver (!)).

* Rabbit Hole formerly connecting Jeogeot and Maebaleia has been sealed on the side of the latter. Give maps shown the timeline of when this was sealed. Fully opened with Baker Bloch initially found it in Ulyanovysk Oblast in August 09.

* Further connection of Ulyanovysk O. with sim Uli where Baker Bloch (and Hucka Doobie) ascended to Lemon World near beginning of this blog. Assoc. further Lemon with Lennon.

* study more the other lakes of Maebaleia’s Lake District. Rubisea and Blue Feather Sea have already been connected. Others?

* think more of the deep coding within the phrase “This is the girl”, surfacely seen in INLAND EMPIRE, among other places. The girl is LOST’s Kate in another dimension, another “Eve” (to Jack’s “Adam”?). Skeletons in cave are described as Adam and Eve, but they may not be present inside One Pink. Black and white rocks with them.


Photos proving intimate relationship of Lakeview and Crabwoo? More soon!


Around Crabwoo, 02

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We follow Baker heading toward the Blue Feather Sea again the next night, this time in a more westerly direction. Only a 100 meters or so from his Crabwoo parcel he finds evidence of remant TILE energy in the area in the form of a 4 color game called Cheesy, along with some matching seating.

Almost directly above this he also discovers an empty sky platform with remarkable views of the Blue Feather Sea.

Now some details of what Baker found in the Blue Feather itself this particular night. Turns out that he focused on the Jael sim tucked in the northeast corner of the sea. Inside he found this hillock with a sharp cliff near Jael’s own northeast corner…

… and five curious dots arranged on the sea floor more in the opposite corner of the sim.

Jael as a whole.

(to be continued!)


Around Crabwoo, 01 April 28, 2011

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Baker Bloch stares out a window of the newly placed TILE Temple in Crabwoo at distant twirly color-things. “Hafta visit that location soon,” he notes.

Interesting hillocks separating Baker’s property from adjacent abandoned land. Could that heavy-on-the-plywood-prims house on the land be some kind of bleedthrough of historic Crabwoo, perhaps a part of the campus, once more? A thought crossed my mind that it could have been the president’s/chancellor’s home in those former times. Obviously just a guess, though.

But at any rate it’s nice Baker and my other alts have access to that land, unlike much of the surrounding area made up of banned property in contrast.

What remains of the presence of the formerly huge Dazed and Confused complex in Crabwoo, its obvious center. Now all we have is a a box structure providing a landmark to their new location on an estate sim called Pacific Dunes, many miles above Maebaleia and Crabwoo and inside the Great Grid Void. I’ll have to visit at some point, but I can’t help thinking in a perfect virtual world the associated stores never would have left Malyshkin.

Then comes some pictures of a structure quite far underneath the land’s surface that Baker took, thinking it also might be part of a greater mystery surrounding Crabwoo. As Wilsonia is checking behind Baker now, the structures might lie even at sea level, since it is considerably below the water table underneath the southwest corner of Vyachislav. Just as a reminder or refresher, when I visited the Crabwoo location in June 2009 for the first time (almost 2 years ago now!), the “town” appeared to fill both the Malyshkin sim and then also Vyacheslav to its west, as I discuss in a post at the time.

As Wilsonia is also discovering now, the structure is both created and owned by Logo Bombastic. In checking Logo’s profile, I also see that he was only born last year in SL, making a connection with historic Crabwoo less likely. Still interesting to note something embedded that deep in virtual crust, and colored almost entirely in the primary colors red, yellow, blue. Something to do with Piet Mondrian again, or perhaps Pietmond through him? A chance.

Church of Saints Polyeuct & Nearchos at the very center of Vyacheslav. I have visited this parcel once before through Baker Bloch, but it has radically changed since then, although the church theme has been retained. The land description is as follows:

“The Arimathean Orthopraxic Christian Church of Saints Polyeuct & Nearchos (worship services to resume shortly). Includes a lower level crypt with the Funerary Shrine of Cynthia Ruiz.”

Baker missed the crypt, but I’ll take some more pictures of the place soon enough, I believe. I’m in Crabwoo for quite some time, it seems, as it has become a new, virtual center, at least for ongoing mythology research.

Reaching the shores of the Blue Feather Sea and a look back at my nearby Tower of TILE.

Biking into the Blue Feather.

In the Blue Feather.


North and East of Lakeview

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Biggie April 27, 2011

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“We have a bit more time tonight, Hucka D. Carrcass-5 is coming up. I wonder what that’ll be all about?”

Hucka D.:

Gold. Skillet. 2nd. 1st and 2nd. Baker and Baker, and Squirrel. Confederation. Mythos square root. Humble Pie.


Thanks. Dr. Who seems to be more important now.

Hucka D.:

Satan Pit. When Jack moves back into the pit, so the legends go, then Pietmond will soon cease to exist. And so it has come to past. Pass, I mean. Pietmond is gone. Pit empty.


You’re talking about when I installed Gallery Jack near the center of the Pietmond sink earlier this month, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Read over all old Pietmond notes. Where has it taken you to this point? Where are you now? You are in Lakeview and Crabwoo. Pietmond still lives, just divided. Art and quote unquote religion, as you say. Very different spaces.


Crabwoo was a great place in its day. Bigger than Chilbo?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Crown jewel. The Blue Feather Sea was seen as prime vacation bathing spot for the rich and filthy. 12 or 13 it was, or still is, as opposed to the 1 of Rubisea. Rubisea is the C, the Note. Red Sea. Red C, as in a letter. The stream that still empties into it…


Unnasty Branch, you mean…

Hucka D.:

Yes. It use to be the color of blood. Very nasty indeed, then. Red as blood. Red C. Middle C. Note.


But the Blue Feather Sea then represents all chromatic notes. The chromatic scale, plus a 13th perhaps. Baker’s dozen and undozen both.

Hucka D.:

It is the Blue Feather. It is the Blue Earth. Curse upon Crabwoo laid down by that one bad ass mofo Blue Feather Douglas, former wacky teacher now just wacko. Built his TILE Temple.


What is the role of TILE in Crabwoo’s much more glorious past, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

The TILE Temple was there, true enough, but it wasn’t Douglas’ temple, which was further south and on the Blue Feather Sea itself. This was the original temple.


I’m confused a bit. Pietmond had this identical temple sitting atop the bottom of the sink and the labyrinth. Did Pietmond’s temple come from Crabwoo? Fascinating, if so, then.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Peter brought the design to Pietmond. He helped redesign the TILE Cathedral into the TILE Temple.


*He* made the labyrinth at the center of Pietmond, then.

Hucka D.:

True enough. A bit of information you might not know if you hadn’t given up Pietmond for Crabwoo, in part.


The Tower of TILE beside it… dormitories?

Hucka D.:

Yes, at one time.


So, let me see, Peter attended Crabwoo University — Woo U. — at around the same time as Karoz, lured there by the presence of famous lawyer Blue Feather Douglas. He studied law, but Blue Feather D. was already becoming absorbed into the game/philosophy/religion of TILE and not as much concerned with teaching.

Hucka D.:

In the Curse Course, he did take both Peter and Karoz to The Moon of Maebaleia, where they found the truth about the Big E supposedly coming from the Blue Feather Sea.


It was a fish.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Later on it was decided to turn the fish image into the one of the Big E or Big Schwa. This was protection.


From what? And who made this decision?

Hucka D.:

The fish was quite disgusting. And it was inadvertently killed when removed from the sea and placed in the open — again just for a short time — at the center of the university. An uproar occurred over the death: why had the fish been laid out in the open for any spell of time?


How did they catch it?

Hucka D.:

It was sick. It was dying. It had almost given up the ghost. It decided to give itself to Crabwoo, to become the stuff of legends. And so it has come to past.


So the fish was called Big E.

Hucka D.:

Biggie, originally[ though].


How did the fish become the “E”?

Hucka D.:

Certain patterns upon its skin indicated the link, which was preordained. It had the markings of “E” on one side and [“Schwa”] on the other.


Was it sentient?

Hucka D.:

Oh, very much so (!) Its presence in the central mall began to effect all around. Warp space, even. The curse began there. Crabwoo began its slow, downward curve after Biggie’s death. It was laid out in the mall.


So it was put in a giant aquarium in the mall for all to see.

Hucka D.:



Did TILE develop directly from this fish? Biggie?

Hucka D.:



Was it… sorry.

Hucka D.:

It was caught in the sim of Miccall in ’63. Very slowly moving. Wanted to be caught, as I indicated.


So let me see… blue E devolves to green T to red L to yellow I to end it all. Just like Crabwoo devolved after Biggie — Blue E in effect — was placed in its center as a sort of freak show.

Hucka D.:

Correct enough[ once more].


What is the role of Chilbo in all this?

Hucka D.:

Chilbo became the benificiary or output of the curse inputted in Crabwoo during that fateful time. Chilbo is the output of Crabwoo. Plain and simple.


What about Fleep Tuque and Cosimo Urbanowicz, the actual founders of Chilbo? I’m sure they’ve never heard of Crabwoo, the resonant spot on Jeogeot’s twin continent of Maebaleia.

Hucka D.:

No they haven’t. They merely moved into a spotlight that was already provided. Better, a sun lamp providing growth in a certain, selected spot. Crawboo lost what Chilbo gained. Eventually Crabwoo was no more and Chilbo was still prospering.


Why am *I* in Crabwoo now, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

To find out about the origins of TILE. To understand the curse and the Chilbo-Crabwoo connection, input and output. To attempt to rekindle a spark. To find out what Crabwoo had and Chilbo still lacks. TILE. Center. Biggie. Something horrible happened to Biggie. Crabwoo never recovered.


Thank you. We’ll continue another night.


Northeast of Lakeview April 26, 2011

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Gnoma-Siona Forest

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Crabwoo/Lakeview: Things to do.

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Both communities are essentially finished, first phase.

Create pod tour of Lakeview and perhaps even Crabwoo?

Downsize from premium to basic membership tomorrow.

Make map of Lakeview and put it near art kiosk.

Advertise Lakeview Art Crawl galleries.

Hucka D.:

You have some ‘splor’n to do!



View of already completely remodeled Crabwoo, TILE Temple to left, Tower of TILE in center background, and unnamed structure to right. Focus for now seems to be on the Ravenwood Cottage (center) attached to the TILE Temple


Pietmond Exodus, Path 02: Lakeview (Postmond?) April 23, 2011

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And now we have the second replacement village for Pietmond, the somewhat larger (than Crabwoo) collective I decided to name Lakeview, another descriptive term. Below is pictured the center of the town, if you will, but more just a conjunction of walkways with a bus stop for now.

Newest version of the Eternally Bickering Newton Jasper Garden, Lakeview style.

There are 2 main walkways in the village, which I haven’t named yet. Below is the eastern and higher of the 2.

Then the northern edge of the western/lower walkway is seen in the next photograph. Both walkways border several art galleries as follows:

Western/Lower: SoSo West (Mike Casey), Norum (Julie Sadler), and Gallery in the Rocks (Stegokitty)
Eastern/Upper: SoSo East (baker b.), Something to CHRO About (Kenneth Rougeau)

All of these galleries formerly existed in Pietmond in one form or another. In addition to the 5 galleries, we also have Home Orange and Home o’ Fibs transposed from Pietmond, both off the eastern/upper walkway. Home Orange contains the office of village caretaker Baker Bloch, once more. Home o’ Fibs still holds the Big Island/Comet Archipelago related objects, as it has in most previous incarnations.

Steps connecting the two main walkways of Lakeview.

Amazing view of Lake Gnoma from atop SoSo West, where the bar formerly sitting there in Pietmond has also been restored. Had to, don’t you think!?

From the below pictures, you can also see that the town is slotted into the northeast corner of a sizable forest as well.

Moon rising directly above Baker’s Home Orange and also the Newton statue while he is snapping the above photos. He took it as a good omen. Seems directly related to the similarly tinted Newton as well, a kind of solar figure.

Again, more on all this soon enough!


Pietmond Exodus, Path 01: Crabwoo

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Pietmond is techinically no more as of this writing. Two replacement villages, both considerably smaller in scope, have cropped up to replace it. The first described here is Crabwoo, already a blog category containing a number of related posts.

Since the structures have almost been totally switched out since I took the below pictures, I’ll just save a fuller description for a future post. But just for the record, we have, at this initial stage, Gallery Jack on the west side of the property, and the Pietmond South Gallery to its east.

Actually a third structure, the oft used Slum Econo Apts. crafted by the famous Arcadia Asylum, is found on the grounds still. Here we see part of the cobblestone walkways connecting it with Gallery Jack and Pietmond South Gallery.

Baker Bloch sits atop Peter’s Hill (not to be confused with Pietmond’s Peter’s Mound). More on all that soon enough!