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The Marriage March 21, 2011

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I’ve yet to absorb the impact of what is obviously an All Important Marriage in toy avatar legend ledgers. Takes place in Gnirps, first mentioned here. Right on the border between Frank and Herman Parks — at their “center” — and furthermore it’s plain to see that the marriage depicted in the present post also overlaps a marriage or nuptial pact between the parks. If so, and it is obvious this is so, then logically the male should be colored green-silver and the female red-gold in accordance with assigned park colors and sexual orientation. Colors have gotten switched around, then, like the name of the location itself (Gnirps; originally: Spring Forward). Backwards. Another red-green mixup, like with the naming of Greenhead above Whitehead Crossing, even though it not at the actual head of Green (Creek) but on a side fork (Red Fork?). Instead the (larger? smaller?) community or sacred space region at Green’s head or source is called Red Head, two words instead of the one this time.

It’s all very mysterious.

And what of the marriage court in this archived photo? An orange? A tennis ball? No, instead these are actual avatar forms I’ve been told, with the orange-like form named Bill and the tennis ball shaped figure a nice, young lady person named Wilson. Or Wilsonia perhaps. But what of the “#**@^#*^@( MANGOOOOOO” as Edna foots it so punnily? (!) I believe it’s a pod, a P Pod. Which would explain a lot.

Baker Bloch seems to be the oncoming baby-child of the marriage couple. Perhaps they can all live snugly and happily in what at first glance appears to be a coffee can to their right. Or maybe it is a spaceship, ready to wisk them and their pod encased baby-boy-toy to a spiffy honeymoon location, perhaps Mars or Pluto or some place even more exotic and mysterious. It’s all very.

Map Rat acts as the director for the wedding. She/he instructs “Frank” and “Herman” here to stand closer. STAND CLOSER. Idiot pieces of candy, she mutters under her breath, but not loud enough so that anyone could hear. So she thinks. Sally Snail will marry the two off day after tomorrow in yesterday’s world clock, her first assignment of this kind. Can you see her antennae shaking? Bill and Wilson/Wilsonia have to constantly catch themselves from rolling away on either side.

Day after tomorrow this now empty courtyard below the reheasing wedding party will be filled to the brim with 250-325 avatar forms of all shapes, colors and sizes. Bill and Wilson(ia) will not be the oddest looking of the bunch by any means, I would suspect.

Actual spring head in Gnirps, just beyond the courtyard. Said to be haunted a bit, but not enough to spoil the place as a popular destination for couples seeking to get hitched and such. But nothing like *this* has *ever* come to Gnirps, nor ever will. This is the marriage above all other marriages! This is *Frank and Herman* we’re talking about for Pete’s sake!

But what of Baker Baby Boy Toy? Is he too imaginary to chance befriending still? Is it Baker Bloch’s father? Nephew? Grandkid?

“It’s all.”