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Whitehead Crossing, 02 March 19, 2011

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Hucka Doobie goes fishing in White Crossing’s very own creek and catches not just a couple but *55* bottles, if I’m counting them right. Look how happy it made him. Aww.

Mysterious, approx 4 foot tall falls on this same creek that I simply can’t get a proper picture of due to the dense rhododendron all around. I call it Soul Falls.

Grey Rock in central Whitehead Crossing, mentioned several times already in this blog.

Details of top (crushed nuts).

On top of Grey Rock looking toward Hucka Doobie’s bottles, some of which are glinting in the distance across the creek ravine.

Detail of rock as I sit upon it.

Detail of small tree next to the rock. Sign of avatar activity in the area?

A bridge branch between two rocks near the ravine. More evidence of avatar presence?

Grey Rock from east.

Heading east away from Whitehead Crossing. Pot next to creek here, as also pictured in this former post on the subject.

But the big find today was Hucka Doobie’s bottles.


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