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Whitehead Crossing, 01 March 19, 2011

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As yet unnamed rock on north side of Whitehead Crossing, the “port” area as it were. Tadpoles a hatch’n in bordering pool.

Fantastical, dead hemlock tree next to this rock.

Looking toward the rock beside the tadpole pool across the top of another, unnamed rock in this swamp-ish area.

Details of above tree.

Details of above tree II.

Insects have emerged, once more.

Step-across rock. Smaller than it looks in the photo, perhaps.

Another hemlock tree across the stream from the big, dead one. Interesting “mouth” at the base.

Another shot from Whitehead Crossing’s north side, not far below the above pictured locations and marshy lands.

Picture of a rock more toward the center of the complex, which will soon be hidden by undergrowth.


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