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New Pietmond center: the returned, giant Blue Feather March 17, 2011

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Shot from the similarly reinstated Newton-Jasper Memorial Garden, returned to Pietmond South but without a lot of the previous, inclusive vegetation. Between Newton (right) and Jasper (left) here lies the new, Blue Feather. Not sure about a rename yet; still working on the innards, once more.

“What *are* they bickering about?” Baker ponders. “*Looks* like an argument anyway.”

Big E back in Sunklands once more. The whole Blue Feather pivots around this.

Looking back at the Newton/Jasper standoff from a “Blue Feather” patio. You can see Jack (red) with them now.

Looking up.

Distance shots.

There’s already some heated talk about how this giant structure has ruined the Pietmond townscape, but, most importantly to me, the downtown area has been preserved and even improved, and nothing else had to be deleted to free up prims for this monstrosity except for the removal of the Home o’ Fibs (that’s where the Newton-Jasper Memorial Garden is now), Orange House (yes, Baker’s lost his home!), and the complete hollowing out of the Tower of TILE as the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit is moved into the Blue Feather, its original home after all. And eventually, I suppose, the much smaller Blue Feather structure on the western side of Pietmond will have to be deleted, when all contents are shifted into the new place. Still working on all the details; can’t decide how much to enlarge the “Jeogeot through Art and Word” exhibit that I plan to move.

But the bottom line in all these changes is that *all* older galleries have remained intact: SoSo East, SoSo West, Norum, Something To CHRO About, Tower of TILE (contents moved to the new structure, as just indicated), Blue Feather Gallery (ditto — in process), Pietmond South Gallery with its 2 filled floors (Rougeau; Ernst), and also the new-ish Gallery in the Rocks. Pietmond remains Pietmond, then. New and improved?? The debate will continue for some time, I feel.


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