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Gallery in the Rocks March 5, 2011

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I’ve already mentioned in this previous post about how I’ve transformed the empty Gallery None structure into the Gallery of the Rocks, and featuring the photography and art of Stegokitty within. Well, here’s some of the details.

Floor 1 is filled with texture rich photos such as, right to left, “Tombstone 5,”…

… “Hudson,” “Gas Station Curb in the Rain,” “TPC Photoclub 004,”…

… the wonderful “Underbelly” (snapped beneath the bridge crossing the Blackstone River in Lincoln, Rhode Island), and finally “Creamery”, taken through a car window on a rainy day.

Floor 2 offers up Stegocat’s first digital collage named “I Wake Up My Family”. I think what I like most about what in my opinion is a really nice piece of art is that it all builds up from a relatively empty landscape. We are left to ponder where this could actually be set — a golf course? someone’s back yard? The fading in of the child as he drifts down from the sky to land on terra firma in the foreground may imply the “waking up” part. Is Stegocat himself the sun here, the “I” of the title? And what of the green head partially seen in the lower corner with the same face? I really like, also, the contrast of sea green and gold in these two figures, mirrored as well in the different shaped “snowflakes” running east to west across the picture that divide them from each other.

The 2005 painting beside it is quite interesting as well: another sun/flame image in the top half of the picture, with one eye instead of two this time and with what appears to be little sickles sticking out of each side. Menacing flame figure? Balancing this out at the bottom is a similarly golden pyramid emitting lighting bolt shapes, with the center occupied by what seems to be another Egyptian derived figure: a variation of the winged disk or winged sun. The 4 ants may be a tribute to Dali (?) Great colors here again, and similar to the palette used in “I Wake Up My Family” beside it, add in the brilliant red of the central wings and ants.

Which naturally leads into a discussion of “Big Red Barn Yellow Head” on the opposite wall of floor 2. Here we have the same solar face as appears in “I Wake…”, but without the halo flames, and snugly encompassed in a black, square opening in the barn facade. The head now is also tilted in the opposite way: symbolic of falling asleep instead of waking up? And what of the bright, red barn?

The rich, gold color acting as a focus for all 3 major art works on floor 2 is what really sticks out for me in looking at them through Baker Bloch’s eyes now. In contrast, I decided to frame “Big Red Barn Yellow Head” with two darker and more subdued pieces, both dealing with peephole experiments.

Floor 3 brings us more minimal landscape effects, including 4 pictures of the same signpost taken at the relatively same angle that I decided to animate in pairs and position beside each other, another highlight of the exhibit I feel. To their right is a more manipulated picture called “Field of Fear”. Indeed!

Another great, open landscape picture, but I’m not sure how well it translates onto a Second Life prim. I’m counting (through Baker Bloch eyes right now, again) 5 larger rocks in the background, all of which must be at least 10 feet long. I definitely feel a desire to step into the picture and walk out into the field and to the rocks for further investigation. I’ll have to ask Stegocat where this is taken.

Baker has to stretch out his back a bit before heading up to floor 4 to complete our tour. Must have gotten up from the pillow on floor 2 in an awkward manner, he postulates.

Snowy landscapes greet Baker on floor 4, with more great contrasts of color. I especially like the implied mystery surrounding the central shack of the left picture. What would it be like to wake up on this very morning there to such beautiful surroundings?

Then we close our tour with “Night Snow Scene”, taken through a car window again, and then, lastly and appropriately, “Goodnight”, which implies that the inclusive hand is about to perhaps painfully extinguish a flame to end the day.

Well done Stegocat!


8 Responses to “Gallery in the Rocks”

  1. stegokitty Says:

    Thanks again for your kind act, in placing my photos in your gallery.
    I honoured.

    To answer the one expressed question, the open field with the large rocks in the background, was taken in Franklin, MA, named after Benjamin Franklin, and interestingly enough, home to the first public library, and to a large number of Wild Turkeys — the bird that “almost” became the national bird for the U.S. .

    I’ve enjoyed reading your interpretations of my photos
    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks for the reply Stegocat! But that’s *your* gallery now, hehe.
    You’re a great friend and I hope we keep in contact from now on. Hanging your work was very inspiring — not once but a number of times since then, I’ve looked around at the landscape I was walking through and thought back on your art and the colors/textures/nuances. Very inspiring.

  3. stegokitty Says:

    I noticed in the 4th from last image, the open field with stones, that you were wondering where it might be. It’s in Franklin, MA. I think it’s on Prospect St., though I’m not entirely positive.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the comments Stegokitty! I really enjoyed setting the exhibit up, and still enjoy walking through it.

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