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Baker keeps exploring: Pietmond South Gallery February 28, 2011

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Let’s send Baker Bloch over to Pietmond South Gallery, then, while he’s in the area.

The Kenneth Rougeau exhibit has been set up on floor 1 (of 4) for several weeks now, actually, with a core being examples from his powerful “Alice” digital collages. Kenneth discusses these works and others on the front page of his home site here:

Some non-Alice inspired pieces top off the collection.

I was very fortunate, I feel, to find Kenneth’s art very quickly in a google search for “synchronicity + collage.” It was only a bit later that I learned of his Second Life connection, which made it easier to pitch the exhibit idea to him, I suppose. He knew the process, having his own SL gallery as well at one time. And as I recently mentioned in this blog, Mr. Rougeau has basically switched over to OpenSim for viritual artistic needs these days. I’ll have to head over there sometime to see what he’s come up with.

And just for educational purposes, mind you, I’ve also set up a Max Ernst exhibit on floor 3 of Pietmond South for now, with the high res textures used therein (paintings/collages) mainly culled from the now defunct Giornale Nuovo blog I stumbled across several years back.

The other floors of Pietmond South remain vacant for now, but I have some further ideas. Another of those “stay tuned!” affairs, then.


5 Responses to “Baker keeps exploring: Pietmond South Gallery”

  1. krougeau Says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my artwork in your SecondLife gallery. It was truly an honor to have my work shown & as much of an honor to be shown alongside Max Ernst.

  2. Hey Kenneth! It was all my pleasure. Actually I still have your work set up in another location (small urban center setting) in the same gallery, along with others. Check it out if you wish, still a work in progress:

  3. […] Rougeau pictures, and keep the 2nd floor as my Pietmond office. As before in Pietmond (and Teepot), most of Kenneth’s displayed art exists on the asteriod directly […]

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