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Pie Town responds… February 25, 2011

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… to my current dilemna of whether to keep potential sister city Pietmond around long term. Children at [delete name] school draw up plans of how to improve the design of Pietmond.

Notice on second place winner Sally Truber’s map, she proposes to narrow the distance between No Way and Long Way to increase park space in the north and south, along with adding a discothèque (red).

And Tommy Blooper’s winning entry maps out even more radical changes, envisioning a future Pietmond with a considerably larger downtown block and more cul-de-sacs for exploring and shopping possibilities. And, oh yeah, a discothèque.

Well done kids! I promise to look over all your efforts when I received them in the mail next week, compare them to what I presently have, and then move forward from there. Thanks again!

baker b.


One Response to “Pie Town responds…”

  1. […] off, the second first place winner in the Pie Town art contest to redesign sister city Pietmond came in the form of a sculpture and not a painting. Isn’t it […]

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