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Baker continues… February 25, 2011

Filed under: House Greenup,Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 9:03 am

… to poke around the ins and outs of Pietmond, attempting to justify his continued existence there.

He tries to step into the shoes of Ticky Bill, see what he sees from his upstairs quarters in Lime House. He looks directly across the tops of CHRO and SoSo toward Orange House, Baker’s present home in Pietmond and one he can’t seem to be pried away from.

Uneven sidewalk (No Way) outside Lime House. Could this be considered the “bad” side of town? Probably not, but just asking.

Baker decides to stroll up to House Greenup while on No Way. Checking the link back to Gallery Jack inside, he realizes he hasn’t been in this house in perhaps several months, which the cobwebs attest to.

Such a nice location for no one to visit.

He opens “Floydodo” placed on a small table underneath the stairs of House Greenup and reads a passage he’s been thinking about lately. Baker ponders: “Is *this* the forbidden knowledge Peter sought in trying to understand the town’s central labyrinth?”

The beds and the assoc. green and red alexandrite jewels would also represent the master synchs Billfork (red) and SID’s 1st Oz, as directly tied also into the symbolism of the two Boulder parks Frank and Herman. At first, it was thought that Billfork was more the appropriate symbol of Frank Park but further inspection caused the roles to be reversed – SID’s 1st Oz became the synchronicity of high Price, while Billfork became the truly Price-less one. At least in terms of gold tilings. As Pierre’s center of the USA is also directly attached to Billfork, the eyeball here would also represent Pierre as aware of the connection of Billfork to this center. The eyeball (Pierre) is now aware of the relationship of Billfork to SID’s 1st Oz.

Baker tries hard to remember but can’t: What is Billfork? Wasn’t that the original name of Pietmond? No, that was Pitchfork. But the names seem too similar.

Baker then googles “billfork” and finds that it is synonymous with a pitchfork, like the Devil’s prodder.

It’s happening again.


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