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30x30x30 is correct for the 10×10 February 24, 2011

Baker Bloch, along with me, thinks, “I got it right the first time.”

If the Edwardston Station Gallery can’t be in the middle of Big Sink, the middle of Blackmount Sink is as good as any location for it. The 30x30x30 cube turned out to be the right venue for my “Art 10×10”.

It flitted across my mind just a minute ago to think about downsizing in SL, which means essentially giving up Pietmond. What would that do? Well, it would still leave me with the ESG, cube version (in 2 separate locations in SL now). It would perhaps leave me with Pietmond South. Maybe. I would still keep the Pietmond South Gallery, perhaps adding the collections of SoSo West, Norum, Something to CHRO About, and so on to it. I might keep Gallery Jack, inserting it next door as a memorial to Pietmond (in place of the Home o’ Fibs).

Maybe advertise the last month of Pietmond sometime soon. Hiking season is upon me. My focus will be outdoors at least till the end of May/beginning of June. I can rent additional space, then. And, gasp, I can actually *sell* the land of Otaki Gorge.

But all this is just speculation. I may not give up anything.

Pietmond is about emergence from the enclosed, island-like self into a peninsula self, beginning, really, with SoSo in early December. And connected with this it’s about TILE. I’ve been attempting to explain to Mike C. in more recent emails to him about the design of the labyrinth in the center of the TILE Temple, and how it is a direct representation of Dark Side of the Rainbow.

TILE is more than just the outer 4 colors of this labyrinth (red, green, blue, yellow), which add up to 26 units or separate tiles themselves, correlating with the 26 English alphabet letters. It has to have 10 more to complete, or the numbers 1-10 to make 36 total. The 36-Square is one display of this concept, the 36-Triangle another. Each contains truths and lies about the whole, which is beyond both.

Mouseview from Peter’s Rock: Baker walked the labyrinth, keeping the DSotR correlations in mind. He’s happier now.


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