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Pietmond Rocks February 21, 2011

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It might go away in a month or 3, but for now, Pietmond rocks!

First, some news: SoSo West exibitor Mike Casey and I have completed his large, 4 part interview, starting here:

You can find the links to all 4 parts under the “SoSo West: Mike Casey” sub-heading on the Pietmond Galleries page from the top of this blog:

And here are the links in case you have problems finding it on that page for some reason:

Now admittedly I’ve had some trouble starting up any interviews I’ve wished to hold in the last several years — someone, an avatar anyway, said, straight to my face after I brought up the idea, “Now *why* would I want to do *that*?” But in that instance I’m glad the idea was snubbed so quickly because I wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time on a product which might turn sour at any time.

Mike’s interview is different. I have a feeling I’m going to look back in several years and think: something started with this. Already I have ideas about how to carry the energy generated into other projects.

But I’m proud to have *all* the present Pietmond exhibitors, even if we don’t do specific interviews related to their work. The interaction with each and every one is special. It’s just that I’ve known Mike for quite a while, and apparently we had a lot to chat about.

Future plans: Mike and I devoted the last 2 of 4 sections of his interview to the discussion of audiovisual synchronicities in the main. Following up on that, I, 1) want to perhaps collected more art from other such “synchers”, perhaps attached to additional, albeit smaller interviews, 2) do a study on a specific syncher who probably won’t fall into the former group, and, 3) work on my own SID’s 1st Oz site again, an a/v synch mentioned quite a number of times on this blog already. Hucka D. or Hucka Doobie has stated a desire for an indepth talk about this synch going on several years now. And, 4) the possibility also exists of opening a synch related board again, or at least I’ll leave that door ajar for now.

On other fronts, Pietmond South remains the main, growing part of Pietmond presently, and I plan to exhibit more material there soon, perhaps a retrospective collage exhibit from past masters like Max Ernst and Joseph Cornell. For educational purposes only, of course; I won’t sell any of that kind of art. Still searching for additional exhibitors, but at this point I want the fit to feel totally right, since I’m so pleased with what I already have showing in Pietmond.

And despite consistently applied conservation efforts, I’m finally running out of prims to work with here. 😦

Even so, I believe another, small gallery or gallery space will be opening in Pietmond soon, called the Asteriod Gallery or perhaps The Darwin Asteriod Gallery. More soon on that as well; prelim. pic for now:

*And*, I now rent some more land. I know I didn’t really need it, but the view was so spectacular that I apparently couldn’t resist, hehe. It’s on the southern edge of the Sansara continent, a landmass I’ve largely ignored since moving to Jeogeot going on close to 2 years ago now (!)

Alls I plan for that location is a skybox for continued rezzing tests/experiments, and perhaps a nice ground structure of some kind. Addtional note on this: I was all set to rent in Blackmount, in the sink again, when I popped over to find that the land had already been sold to someone else. Fate, then, we’ll call it. And of course I’ll most likely start exploring around this new area and record my sundry finds on this blog.


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