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The Shallows February 18, 2011

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Grassy [Noll] would love it here!

Yup, looks like Baker has found yet another official SL sink, the 11th, then. This seems to mark the lower end of The Shallows, existing mainly between the dead end roads of Route 8a and Route 8c in lower central Maebaleia. The identified sink is specifically located in Severly, where these 2 highways come within less than 200 meters of each other before separating off again. I’ll provide a map of The Shallows as a whole asap.

For now I’ll just call this Sink XI, the third found on Maebaleia after Finsteraarhorn and Sink X. Oh, and I may have even found a 12th… more soon on that. Think I’ll call it Golden Sink.

I’m not sure American users are welcome here.

Baker’s bling in Chesterton, in the heart of The Shallows.

Dinosaurs nearby. Run Hucka D. run! Hehe.

Longer shot of the Shallows heartland. The Chesterton parcel is clearly seen as a depression in its center.

Some pictures of random objects just south of Chesterton now, like these mysterious yellow rods floating above a yellow grain field, it appears.

And a smoking airplane, perhaps crashed.


Dragon above aforementioned plane.

And a colorful array of pose balls and other, small objects.


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