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“Dearest Blinks,” January 22, 2011

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I am writing to you from Nightfield on the west end of Jeogeot. I know you aren’t inworld much any more, but I wanted to tell you that I believe Hucka Doobie has left us a virtual message, just like he did Violet this past summer. I am sending you a copy, so when you log in next time you’ll see — besides the amazingly annoying number of gallery notices I don’t know how you put up with, SMILE — this notecard; and also the prim Hucka Doobie gave me. Maybe he gave you the same map at the same time. Dunno. Have you spoken to him since England even, by chance?

Anyway, I don’t often find a functional writing desk where I can actually create notecards so I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity. Hope you are doing well. Please write back!


Quick additional note, Blinks: I forgot to add that the map Hucka Doobie gave me is the same one he gave Violet last year. It’s the one with “Goodnight” and “Violet” highlighted on it. As you will see there are now some additional villages highlighted, and in different colors from the original violet. The ones I want to specifically talk to you about are Sentinel and Dewey. In West End there’s a road called West Coast Road, which I’ve recently done a lot of poking around on. It begins in a sim called Dewey. If extended to the west coast, it would most likely end in a sim called Sentinel. This is what I think the map highlight means.

But the central town on this map is probably not Sentinel or Dewey, or Goodnight or Violet either. Instead it is Gold. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting just southeast of a blue-green pool of water that contains a double lidded chest on a tiny peninsula I believe represented the Crimean peninsula of Blue Earth. This has something to do with the golden fleece sought by Jason and the Hugonauts [sic]. It is the golden brick road at the beginning of the Stairway From Heaven. Did you know there was also a red road too there? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Whatever, I’ve found another type of narrow necked peninsula on West End in a different sim called Kusanagi, where the Secret Goldfish theatre use to be, now in Extropia. More gold; I was sitting in a sim precisely caddycorner to Kusanagi when our user baker b. found reference to this while researching the WWW for keyword “Jeogeot.” Not much came up, he said. Have you talked to him recently as well?

The meaning of Rex and Van on that map is unknown to me presently.

Again take care and write when you can. In fact I’ll just leave you a landmark to the very desk I’m writing from right now so that you can use it to write me back. As I said — rare opportunity — taking advantage of the ability to send notes.

Nightfield is an interesting place. Just last night I could have *swore* I heard the music of Marty in the distance, specifically a song called “Uncle Albert”? Do you know that one?

I miss our old conversations, Blinks. Heck, I miss Hucka Doobie even though our user talks to his soul entity [in] the Blue Earth blog all the time. *Please*… write me back. We need to talk. I want to show you what I’ve found here on West End if possible. I need to see you again is all. Together we are Britonia. baker b.

I’m worried about Hucka Doobie.

Hopefully we’ll be talking very soon,

Yours in heart,
Baker Bloch


Baker puts down the feather pen. He teleports up to the terrace and looks over the rail once again, down to the blue-green pool and the 2 lidded chest full of gold bullion. He sees the seal as well. Gray Seal… Yellow Brick Road [which is also a Red Brick Road]. Even the monolith, it appears and as he is thinking about it now, from the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie. It’s almost a tableau in and of itself, like the ones he just visited in the West End Hills at the Prog Rock Museum. IT IS SYNCHRONICITY.

He misses Baker Blinker. Maybe they should have gotten married after all, despite what their user said. Why did Hucka Doobie send him the map? Was he saying goodbye to him, and perhaps Blinks as well, through the map, like he said goodbye that night to Violet [Baker Bloch himself never saw Violet again]?