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Misc. January 18, 2011

Filed under: Sunklands,West End — baker Blinker @ 11:30 am

Sin City, Mount Owen sim, is no more, but, perhaps queerly, there’s still a type of sim sized city there, albeit mainly empty for now. Baker sits in Club Underground at its northwest corner, about the only establishment that seems finished in any way, shape, form. Interesting that a Beatles poster is prominently displayed on the wall behind where Baker is sitting. Or not.

The next night Baker runs across the Prog Rock Museum in Kazzkark while exploring around the West End Hills.

The picture below finds him enjoying a Tales from the Topographic Ocean themed panorama, one of the many tableaus on the property. Nice; this album has always numbered among Baker Bloch’s user’s very favorites.

Overhead shot of the museum.

Back in Pietmond. Baker sadly wonders how long it will last. He’s worried that his Second Life existence may be coming to an end soon, at least the most active phase. Is he wrong to fret so much? Maybe just a bit of a SL break is needed.

But it’s tough now to *remember* what went on before the full impact introduction of virtual reality.

The quick emergence of Sin City as a past/present/future influence seems an omen, a portent. I’m not sure the Sunklands sinks, even headed by a healthy, operational Otaki Gorge and Pietmond, can successfully contain this grossly felt gravity.

I feel dragged down, defeated. I must walk the labyrinth more. I must believe that Pietmond will keep on keeping on. I must.


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