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Crime Peninsula? January 14, 2011

Filed under: West End — baker Blinker @ 7:55 am

A central bus stop in West End Shipping (aka WES).

Baker looks down from a neighboring house to the blue-green pool with the 2 lidded crate talked about elsewhere in this blog recently.

A look at the entire sim of Nightfield using a long draw distance. For some reason the neighboring sims wouldn’t rez in this, er, night — meaning?

Shot of blue-green pool and house Baker is sort of camped out at now.

Baker decides to explore the neighborhood on foot, and soon runs across a red lion in the sim of Redlion at the entrance to a privately owned castle.

Nice seaside residence in Barsoom, just west of Redlion (in turn, just west of Nightfield).

Air dice. Baker tries to roll but can’t.

Yet another building in West End as a whole owned by the United States of America USA or United States of America SL group, this being in Dreamtime (south of Redlion). Admittedly I’m unsure of what all of it means yet, but I promise to do more research. I know that the groups has created a large city in West End previously unmentioned in this blog, but noted by other Jeogeot explorers such as ujiyasu, and also chronicled in Dahlia Jayaram’s The Great Balloon Adventure: Jeogeot, specifically pages 16-20 of that online publication.

Baker gets pretty excited upon seeing this building perched on top of Cute and Punk designs in Cimmeria (below Nightfield), thinking it reads “Westville Hospital”. However as he moves closer the name resolves into West*nile*, not Westville. Probably not some kind of remnant of ancient WES, then, or connected in any way to West End Shipping he doesn’t suppose. Still, a worthy mistake to note, which may turn out to be connected to the serendipity web of West End at any rate upon further review.

Back in West End Shipping itself, Baker is disappointed that this backdoor entrance isn’t functional. Only one way into town when walking, then, and its on the opposite side of where he is now.

Nice view of West End land in Armon Gill and points east from an unfinished, open building on the east end of Ezquerra. Could this be Baker’s new squatting spot?


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