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Jeogeot: West End, 02 January 6, 2011

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About halfway down the West Coast Road, probably in Armon Gill, the sun begins to rise, illuminating the landscape in very interesting ways to Baker. He decides to take a couple photos.

Off the West Coast Road to the north, now in Ezquerra, is found a long, tree lined walkway leading to the main store of “Feather”, selling clothes, skins, and other nick-nacks. Japanese owned; classy design. Speaking of which, I remember now that my Japanese SL friend and fellow mainland explorer ujiyasu mentioned visiting the store during her tour of the Jeogeot continent last year, specifically in this February post.

Next to Feather is found a small but picturesque restaurant called Cafe Alpha, a “quiet country cafe” according to the land description. Baker can seeing hanging here sometimes.

Garden space of same.

And an even added bonus: Cafe Alpha’s parcel borders the Linden protected sim of Witchwood to the north, *which* means it will always have an unblocked view of the ocean in that direction. Neat-o.

Passing through the southern boundary of Ezquerra and entering Stanlee itself now, Baker encounters this more interesting Arcadia Asylum designed building with the back removed. Owned by the United States of America USA group, which actually has acquired a lot of land around Stanlee and also West End as a whole. More on that soon enough.

Just a hop and a skip away is the end of West Coast Road and the mole statue. Baker sits in the nice, cool grass and takes in the view…

… followed by a bit of a jaunt around the perpetually deserted streets of WES.

It seems that the only building at all inhabited within the city comes on the street Baker stares down at above, specifically just around the corner from the parked vehicles to his left.

Still not much in this warehouse type structure, but upstairs from a lower floor with old barrels and crates, on one side of a balcony area, we find what appears to be a music listening lounge of some type, complete with a record shelves, jazz related posters, stereo and tape players, a radio, and two cushy chairs. Also on this floor (in the foreground of the photo below) is what’s called a Stellar object rezzer, which not only produces, upon “touch”, the Sun, Moon and various planets of our solar system, but also galaxies, quasars and nebulae. On the wall beside it is a reproduction of Andy Warhol’s “Guns (1981-82)” (remembering that guns would also come up later on in connection with WES) and also a Medee Renaissance Theater Poster, apparently by Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha.

Jeogeot: West End, 03


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