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Stan And Lee January 6, 2011

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(joined in progress)

“We might need a new spirit.”


West End spirit… cool.

Hucka D.:



Where I visited tonight, perhaps centered around West End town itself or maybe the Irish village off the West Coast Road as well.

Hucka D.:

Rent there. Explore. Talk to the sheep. Give them direction.



Hucka D.:

Sunklanders and West Enders traditionally didn’t get along. Then there were the Hillbodies… from the hills.


West End Hills.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Led by Chief Tonto, a baker. Chef Tonto. Tonka.


Maybe Pietmond would know more about what went on in West End.

Hucka D.:

West End City holds secrets, still. Two roads into West End; two cultures.


I suppose that land I was going to buy in the heart of the West End Hills would be the center of the native culture. Indians?

Hucka D.:

Indian village, yes. Nice curry restaurant.


Run by Curry.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You spelled that right for a change.



Hucka D.:



OK, Wanda, then. Wanda Curry.

Hucka D.:

Blem… Blem Hasslehorf. Pietmond knows.


I don’t think I want to go there tonight.

Hucka D.:

Oh sure.




Helli Ho. Organtis Mantra Wattup Hellio. Hellio. Hello.


Hi Pietmond. What’s up? What’s new?


Organto Helio Rumpus Gombcake. Cake. Re… right-e-o. Lilly pad ompus ronko white cake. Surup. Pancake. Peddals. Pett. Pet. White. Cake. Rumpus. Olean. Ti. Stanlee. Lee. Stan and Ledd. Lee. Ledd. Lead. Lea. Leaaaaaaaaaaa…

Hucka D.:

Pietmond becomes broke now. We better end.




Apparently The Beatles use to perform in Stanlee, Hucka D., although I’m not sure this is West End City.*

Hucka D.:

Yes. West End. Marty. Marty was from West End. That’s where he was recruited. He didn’t like Sunklands as much as West End. West End is where Marty lived and played drums bass. He came to Sunklands to work, is all. West End.


Quite fascinating, Hucka D. Is this pre-Big Ink incident?

Hucka D.:

Of course not.


What was so special about Sunklands?

Hucka D.:

They could escape the wholesale changes made by the Linden grid. They could retain Ancient energy. Ancient Rising. But West End was prettier. Still is. But the sinks have energy unique to Second Life. This is about energy, then. Ancient power… Ancient rising power. Power. Energy. Clean. Atomics.



Looks like this Melodie Darwin is doing some kind of picture tour of Jeogeot. Must add her to the blog links!

Hucka D.:

You are not alone. There are others.



Ah hah! Melodie’s blog (!)

* Appropriate snapzilla pictures here (from 2007):


Jeogeot: West End, 03

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On a wall opposite the upstairs music lounge area is found a picture called “Cubie Dick” by Youna Diqui, an avatar born in 2006 but with only 1 group in their profile: Avatar Art Foundation. Overall a very curious profile, and I may return to it. But for now let’s deal with “Cubie Dick” itself in this time and this place.

A quick googling of “Cubie Dick” images brought me to this web site, where the same illustration is found in a post about 2/3rds the way down the page by Captain Badass. I’ll quote the post in full here:

Thursday, June 07, 2007
blue square, lens flare, golego !
Hi everybody!

I don’t really get to draw all that often,
but when I do I like to draw square things with colon eyes and teeth.

Meet Cubie Dick the Good Occasions Whale.
He’s not very good with swimming or skeetshooting and that,
but fits into a house hold microwave easily enough (should you run
out of ideas to fancy-up your ramen.)

I don’t know — there’s something to this picture that grabs me. Upon thinking on the subject a bit, I thought it might be a possible, psychic relationship with the nearby mole statue, almost as if “Cubie Dick” is the antithesis of the sculpted prim discovering digger. In addition to the mole and cubic whale being basically gray or neutral in color, there’s the fact that Cubie Dick’s teeth look suspiciously similar to the claws on the mole’s hands and feet, as emphasized in this more recent blog photo. Then there’s the fact that the attention of both the mole and the whale is directed toward something yellow or, if you will, *lemon* in color: the yellow, block-ish swimmer for Cubie, and the golden sculpted prim itself for the mole digger. But in opposite ways, if you will: the mole obviously cherishes the golden sculptie as a thing to be valued above all else, like the alchemical gold; the whale wishes to exterminate the golden swimmer as fast as possible for nourishment or perhaps just inherent, naked malice.

Does Cubie, then, represent some kind of microcosm of the heavily cube based WES itself? Does the mole statue, positioned just beyond its borders to the north, stand for something beyond the cube? Is Cubie the archetypal *prim*? The more I think about it, the more the picture clarifies: I think they *have* to be related in that psychic way I mentioned.

But let’s leave that seemingly very key thought behind and explore WES a bit more, knowing what we now do. As I said, not a whole lot there, but we do find what this more interesting, fenced-in area on the south side of town, which encompasses some kind of power substation, a couple of barrels and covered crates, and then a “playground Monkey spring” that Baker finds out he can sit on and then ride.

Moving back into the Nightfield sim to the north of WES, Baker also uncovers, this night, what appears to be a duplicate house to the one formerly found in the northeast corner of neighboring Dreamtime several days beforehand, but with more surrounding vegetation in this case. The two twinned structures lie about 70 meters apart, but are not within direct sight of each other. Also, the house in Dreamtime lies on restricted land, while the house Baker sits before below is not.

Very interesting slum alley skybox, also located in Stanlee.

Projector and screen in same. Venue: unknown.

Amazing things happen in the SL skies, the vast majority unseen and unknown.

One last look; Baker will most likely return here. Looks like more construction going on in the back area.

Another interesting spot in West End. More on that whole area soon as well.


Jeogeot: West End, 02

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About halfway down the West Coast Road, probably in Armon Gill, the sun begins to rise, illuminating the landscape in very interesting ways to Baker. He decides to take a couple photos.

Off the West Coast Road to the north, now in Ezquerra, is found a long, tree lined walkway leading to the main store of “Feather”, selling clothes, skins, and other nick-nacks. Japanese owned; classy design. Speaking of which, I remember now that my Japanese SL friend and fellow mainland explorer ujiyasu mentioned visiting the store during her tour of the Jeogeot continent last year, specifically in this February post.

Next to Feather is found a small but picturesque restaurant called Cafe Alpha, a “quiet country cafe” according to the land description. Baker can seeing hanging here sometimes.

Garden space of same.

And an even added bonus: Cafe Alpha’s parcel borders the Linden protected sim of Witchwood to the north, *which* means it will always have an unblocked view of the ocean in that direction. Neat-o.

Passing through the southern boundary of Ezquerra and entering Stanlee itself now, Baker encounters this more interesting Arcadia Asylum designed building with the back removed. Owned by the United States of America USA group, which actually has acquired a lot of land around Stanlee and also West End as a whole. More on that soon enough.

Just a hop and a skip away is the end of West Coast Road and the mole statue. Baker sits in the nice, cool grass and takes in the view…

… followed by a bit of a jaunt around the perpetually deserted streets of WES.

It seems that the only building at all inhabited within the city comes on the street Baker stares down at above, specifically just around the corner from the parked vehicles to his left.

Still not much in this warehouse type structure, but upstairs from a lower floor with old barrels and crates, on one side of a balcony area, we find what appears to be a music listening lounge of some type, complete with a record shelves, jazz related posters, stereo and tape players, a radio, and two cushy chairs. Also on this floor (in the foreground of the photo below) is what’s called a Stellar object rezzer, which not only produces, upon “touch”, the Sun, Moon and various planets of our solar system, but also galaxies, quasars and nebulae. On the wall beside it is a reproduction of Andy Warhol’s “Guns (1981-82)” (remembering that guns would also come up later on in connection with WES) and also a Medee Renaissance Theater Poster, apparently by Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha.

Jeogeot: West End, 03


Jeogeot: West End, 01

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West Coast Road and the surrounding area is starting to absorb the attention of the easily influenced Baker Bloch. He begins at the east end of the road this time, determined to check the landscape out in detail in making his way back to West End Shipping, or what Hucka D. has indicated was usually called WES or WEScity during its glory days. Townspeople liked the acronym, among other reasons, because the it has the same three, beginning letters as “West”, the compass direction they understandably thought to be the most significant. And supposedly Marty, Lemon and bandmates Ingor and George Harris’ Son were all there too, members of the fledgling variant group The Beetles. I’ve found 2007 pictures to support this (!) But more of that quite fascinating subject later; we must move on to the present tour…

It begins off Jeogeot’s Route 9 on the southern edge of Dewey. Upon leaving this route and starting down West Coast Road, Baker immediately crosses a small bridge with, perhaps curiously, no stream or even ditch underneath.

I should also mention that the tower in the foreground of the below picture is part of the Dewey Ruins, owned by the Arbor Project group, “designed to protect and beautify small plots of land by planting trees,” according to the group description. Sounds like a very worthwhile cause.

Baker decides to pull out his trusty Arcadia Asylum bike from his inventory to aid in the trip. Looks like a good biking route; road not as well traveled as some of the major Jeogoet highways.

But soon the easily swayed Baker Bloch, once again, is distracted by structures to his left after traveling only about 200 meters down the road, all owned, it seems, by Eddie Rubanis with the land description “Ed and Gia’s Little Bit of Ireland.” The picture below finds Baker lounging on a patio outside a small pavilion with a dance floor called the Anatheum, admiring some small rapids in a bordering stream.

Just across the road from the Anatheum is this one room building which appears to be the headquarters for some kind of ground construction by the FTL group (property owners) that will soon take place here. In the meantime, a teleporter within the room takes one up the group’s skybox (temporary store?), selling skins, eyes, and eyelashes. While there, Baker checks out the eyelash section in some detail, but then realizes none would really go that well with his dead, white eyes. He wants eyelashes; he’s happy with his eyes. So it wasn’t a good match for now.

Just west of the construction office, and still on FTL property, Baker comes across this interesting pond with a grassy isle in the center. But if you look closely, you’ll see it’s not really an island but a peninsula with a very narrow neck connecting it to the land surrounding the pond. This seemingly trivial observation becomes more important a bit later on when Baker comes across a second, smaller example of such a phenomenon, as we’ll soon see.

Baker temporarily detours the West Coast Road upon seeing some kind of wild looking light show behind a building just in back of the pond. But it turns out to be not so impressive up close as initially hoped for: just another Second Life store selling their wares, club lighting in this case.

Then beside the lighting store, east direction, is found a religious retreat called SL ministries. Baker wonders why the building pictured below had its only entrance blocked up so tightly. Is there some secret, girly club inside that SL ministries doesn’t want anyone to know about? No, it seems quite innocent, as baker uses remote vision to take a peek inside (bad Baker!). It appears to be just a rental unit not currently on the market. My apologies again for Baker’s sinful habits, SL Ministries. Please have him in your prayers.

I thought this neighboring church was also a part of SL Ministries, but upon checking now, Baker Bloch finds it belongs, as well, to Eddie Rubanis, which seems to be his only holdings in the Kusanagi sim, directly north of Finse.

In contrast, Mr. Rubanis appears to own almost the whole of neighboring Finse, including this mock up of an Irish village, complete with an Irish pub, of course, appropriately called “Eddies”. It’s the red building to the left of Baker below.

All the other buildings in the small Finse village, each with its own distinct, bright hue, seem to be rental units, but with only a couple presently occupied. “Goth Art” appears to be the only business in the village beside the pub, which it lies adjacent to.

Behind the village, and still on “Ed and Gia’s Bit of Ireland” property, is found a considerable amount of open space, which includes a small forest with multiple examples of wild animals, and a herd of grazing sheep in one of the fields, all staring in the same direction. Perhaps they are waiting for someone to come and feed them.

Because there are also roads back here, it could represent future development areas for the Finse village itself, which you can see the southern edge of in the distance on the below photograph.

Jeogeot: West End, 02