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Jeogeot West, etc., 02 January 5, 2011

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So now we come to what is or was perhaps the center of the *second* West End culture, again according to wise guy Hucka D. I suppose the name of this urban grunge style town would technically be West End Shipping according to the land description, but let’s call it West End City. For now.

So here it is, situated in the Stanlee sim. Very gray-brown, and taking up something less than 1/2 the sim’s area. Is this *really* where Marty lived (again, in Hucka -speak)?

I would return the next night for additional poking around, so I’ll save more blog talk re WEC for posts just above.

West End City lies at the western terminus of West Coast Road, adjacent to this mole creation celebrating their own culture’s discovery of the first sculpted prim. A more artistic picture of this sculpture by my new SL and Jeogeot pal Melodie Darwin is here, making the work look much larger than it does in virtual person.

In fact, my own discovery of this photo first alerted me to Ms. Darwin’s own, extensive interest in Jeogeot, as demonstrated in her several picture albums from the Snapzilla site (to date: “Circumnavigating Jeogeot”, “Route 10”, and “Route 9”).

Fabulous to find another, contemporary Jeogeot explorer!

Behind the mole statue looms this more interesting building that looks like a giant coconut.

Interior shots first — there’s my free waterfall again (!), presently set up in not one but two places in Pietmond (extreme eastern and western sides). Free plants all around the waterfall as well.

Also in the hollow coconut innards is this “transporter box”, apparently non-operational. Judging from extensive construction being shaped in the sky just above, it appears all this is still a work in progress, as they say. The parcel’s name is “u lu lo chu i,” and owned by Achila Sparrow under the group Zen Monster. Looks like Achila owns about 1/8th of Nightfield just west of Stanlee, and has used only about a third of her allotted prims in that sim so far.


In the northwest corner of Dreamtime, caddy-corner to Nightfield, Baker finds a small, furnished cottage for rent. He can’t enter the parcel, though — someone currently renting it and blocking access? A curiously small building surrounded by much larger structures, which is what attracted Baker to examine it more closely in the first place.

Moving back into Nightfield, Baker finds a strange, two lidded chest filled with gold on an islet in a very blue-green pool. The inclusive 512 parcel is owned by avatar Shandon Loring, who describes himself as both a real and virtual traveler of many times, places, and worlds.

Still in Nightfield, Baker finds this nice patio overlooking the ocean to take a well deserved break. But he could personally do without the fake snow; his user has seen enough of that in RL lately!


Jeogeot West, etc.

Variable realities now: below snapshot represents property I *had* my eye on. No more, what with the most recent purchase in Pietmond. But if that particular Otaki Gorge parcel hadn’t opened up, this is the place I might have plopped money down for instead. Don’t know what I would have built on this ridge connecting two, higher mountains except for a re-creation of what I already had in Blackmount. At least initially. Something quite unique could have developed here over time — variable reality, thus.

But since I really can’t buy the land now — “everything in Pietmond,” as a more recent post put it — thought I’d show pictures anyway, if only to give an excuse for talking about what might have been. It’s in in the heart of what I’m now calling the West End Hills, as originally described in this slightly earlier post. The specific sim is Sheol (northwest part), and as I’m checking the SL map out right now upon logging in, I see the majority of the land in question has already been sold. Not surprising, since the overall asking price was only about a linden a square meter.

Hucka D. has hinted around that two, distinct cultures of “Ancients” inhabited the West End area in pre-Linden days, with the West End Hills being the center of the smaller and perhaps more primitive of the two. I’ll get to the second, primary one in just a moment.

Perhaps curious statue on what could have been my neighbor’s parcel here. A lack of details coupled with the solid, black color reminds me of the same qualities in the larger, Jasper statue now in Pietmond. Probably nothing, though; just making another note in case something else comes up.

So here’s another bundle of land parcels I thought about purchasing, this time on the Heterocera continent and not far from my old property in Rubi. Is there more mythology to develop on this particular continent? If so, the development may have been delayed, or set on a different track altogether through another of those “what might have been” reality splits. And all because I passed on these parcels, which, by the way, are in Juanita and represented about the same amount of land at about the same price as the situation in Sheol.

Moving back to Otaki Gorge, more my *home* than ever, I suppose, I found this steampunk style whirly copter parked on the green hills just north of Pietmond, with its owner describing himself, in his SL profile, as “short and green” but not alien (and, btw, also not a frog or an owl). Guess that rules him out as a possible relative to Pietmond’s Colgate family, then, who are likewise green but also clearly alien. Not from around here, as they say.

Another shot coming from the West End Hills, this time of a large ridge running north and south through Streibs and also Ivanova. The aforementioned, Linden owned Oak Hill park would lie just on the right side of this ridge looking from the direction this picture was taken.

Moving north out of the West End Hills proper brings us quickly to this curious set of structures in the Fears Trebled sim immediately west of Ivanova. Although obviously related, the two, colorful “sculptures” here have different owners. Alts of each other? The more multi-hued one to the right lies on property owned by a British art student, and the higher, more orange-ish one is situated on Vashulka Archives land, also containing the large, gray structure beneath it.

Inside the latter is found much information on the history of video (apparently the promised “archives”), along with what appears to be hung pictures of various, historic video captures (?) Only the lower 2 floors out of 6 appear to be finished in any way.

Moving further north and away from the West End Hills we come to this larger, steampunk city taking up most of the Gothlauth sim. Baker thinks upon flying toward the looming, dark buildings: Is this what Pietmond is destined to become?? He hoped not, but history has its course.

Low, green hill in the southwest corner of Talyn just west of Gothlauth. The Platzman’s Family Park is found just below, complete with a train, amusement rides, even a number of elephants.

Nearby microcosm of a snowy day in a backwoods cemetery. Baker is unable to re-find this set piece tonight for further comments.