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All In Pietmond January 4, 2011

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 10:41 am

Gave up Blackmount property, purchased new Otaki Gorge property that becomes the newest version of a Pietmond South. 1st version described a bit here and also here, in case you’re curious (you know you are).

I lose sight of Baker as he ascends the hill from Pietmond into Pietmond South through the small but thick woods representing essentially a natural barrier or buffer zone between the two.

The path soon passes what could turn into Baker Bloch’s new Pietmond residence, formerly called the Home o’ Fibs. Will it acquire a new name if so? And what of his present place, the Orange House? Well, perhaps I can turn that into, say, a City Hall — small but good enough (?).

Overhead shot of the new property, with Home o’ Fibs and what I’m presently calling the Jasper Newton Memorial Garden more in the foreground. Memorial to what, though? The Art 10×10 itself, or at least the full, virtual representation thereof? Going along with this, I’ve also decided, for now, not to move the Edwardston Station Gallery from Blackmount to Otaki Gorge and Pietmond South. Instead I think I’d like to play around with creating a new Pietmond structure, perhaps a skybox. Perhaps enlarging the idea of a UFO hovering above the town.

Details from the Jasper Newton Memorial Garden.

Newton has a couple of bushes/small trees hiding part of his torso now…

… and Jasper’s head has similarly been “vegged”.

Jack, who is black and white and red all over still, has also come over from Blackmount to participate in the garden. Still tired, but not down and out. Not sure what that means but I wrote it.

Great view from upper balcony area of Home o’ Fibs. Very tempting for Baker Bloch to move here… let’s say it’s basically a done deal, and I’ll work out the details later.

He can enjoy a delicious meal at the Downtown Rooftop Bar and admire his new home at the same time.


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