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Re-enter the tile December 23, 2010

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“I’d like to talk a little more about the Pietmond pod tonight, Hucka D. And Blackmount of course.”

Hucka D.:

There’s a pod in Blackmount as well. Follows the yellow brick road. Wellington road… sorry. Made by the Welsh. They like to complain. Jack missed the complaining. He’s on the moon of Pluto now. Sharon, wasn’t it? (smiles)


Hmmm… Charon, not Sharon. But there’s actually 3 moons found for Pluto now, Hucka D. But the other 2 are very small in comparison. Charon, in contrast, might be argued as a co-subplanet to Pluto, since it is so large — half the diameter of Pluto itself and with 1/8th the volume. And also both are in what that article calls a gravitational lock, which means they keep the same face to each other. Eternal lovers, perhaps. The name Charon was inspired by the nickname of the discoverer’s wife: Char, short for Charlene. So Sharon is close (!). Char and Shar, in effect. Very close.

Hucka D.:

Quite close, yes. Charon is to Pluto as Sharon is to Wazob. Was to Wazob. Think about that, then.


And also Chrysoberyl, which was nicknamed Chry. Like Char to Charon.*



Well, I spent a bit of time attempting to find out where Jack Harkness beamed off to after Gwen gave him his Vortex manipulator wrist device[ at the end of Torchwood, Season 3]. No luck.

Hucka D.:

He went to a golden city in the sky, beyond Pluto. New York?


Moon and Pluto at once, then. Interesting!

Hucka D.:




Found it. Yes, it was a INSERT DIALOG.


* the formerly independent country Sharon becomes Chrysoberyl province when it merges into Wazob, becoming, as this blog puts it, “the last “p” in the pod.” Chrysoberyl is the “P” province in Wazob’s use of letters for provinces. Only “Q”, Zircon province, lies beyond it in this alphabetical matching, with R-Z letters matched instead to provinces in Eoc, a kind of smaller, “buddy” country for Wazob just to its north.

And I’ll quote the “Name” section of Charon from its wikipedia article in full here, since this seems directly tied to this former, imaginary country named Sharon. Charon *does* equal Sharon in an in-joke, shibboleth kind of way (!)

Charon was originally known by the temporary designation S/1978 P 1, according to the then recently instituted convention. On June 24, 1978, Christy first suggested the name Charon as a scientific-sounding version of his wife Charlene’s nickname, “Char.”
Charon discovery image with description

Although colleagues at the Naval Observatory proposed Persephone, Christy stuck with Charon after discovering it coincidentally refers to a Greek mythological figure:[17] Charon is the ferryman of the dead, closely associated in myth with the god Hades, whom the Romans identified with their god Pluto. Official adoption of the name by the IAU would wait until late 1985 and was announced on January 3, 1986.[18]

There is minor debate over the preferred pronunciation of the name. The practice of following the classical pronunciation established for the mythological ferryman Charon is used by major English-language dictionaries such as the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary.[19][20] These indicate only one pronunciation of “Charon” when referring specifically to Pluto’s moon: with an initial “k” sound. Speakers of languages other than English, and many English-speaking astronomers as well, follow this pronunciation.[21]

However, Christy himself pronounced the ch in the moon’s name as sh (IPA [ʃ]), after his wife Charlene. Because of this, as an acknowledgement of Christy and sometimes as an in-joke or shibboleth, the initial sh pronunciation is common among astronomers when speaking English,[22][21][23][24] and this is the prescribed pronunciation at NASA and of the New Horizons Pluto mission team.[25][26]


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  1. Jimmy Says:

    interesting info and imformative and thanks for that.

  2. baker b. Says:

    Thanks Jimmy!

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