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Teepot Shrunk, Shrunk, Gone. But: Another Sink. December 22, 2010

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New land in the heart of the Blackmount Sink. But I had to essentially give up any future development in Teepot, which is a dead town now.

As of last night, Gallery Jack has been deleted from Teepot, since I decided to reinstate the Edwardston Station Gallery and the full “Art 10×10” on my Blackmount lot. Below shows borrowed elements from Gallery Jack that I chose to insert in an open woods area this time. I’ve already set up my art kiosk again, with a corresponding change in names (Gallery Jack > Edwardston Station Gallery).

The Rookwood Cottage also found in Pietmond (and formerly in Teepot) sits beside this central area. A fence separates my property from the one to the north. Hope I’ve found some good neighbors.

Overhead view of my forested parcel. The official Linden highway known now as Wellington Road lies to the north. My land does not border road land.

The “standard, cube” version of the Edwardston Sta. Gallery is positioned over 200 meters up in the sky this time. You teleport directly up and inside at the lowest part of the central shaft area, with an almost transparent floor. Not quite but almost. Blackmount Sink directly below, of course — nice view. As evident from this photo, Baker could somehow still see the red statue on his grounds far below, even though it lies considerably beyond his current 128 meter draw. Part of the Blackmount Sink magic?

Central shaft with spinning Blue Feather Sea cube.

Baker back safely on the ground after taking the above snapshots of the newest version ESG for this blog.

Baker sitting on the porch of Peter Frampton’s trailer just beside my lot. The 3rd sculpture on the grounds, the red one mentioned before, is on a low ridge just above the other two (Newton and Jasper), blocked from view by the trees to the left.

I believe this curled up, matching red figure might represent Jack himself, sort of along the lines of the old riddle, “What’s black and white and red all over.” Jack can be Jasper (black), Newton (white), and himself (red) “all over,” then. Maybe more of that mythology will be developed soon. But as I’m writing this, I’m wondering if it could eventually be connected to *this* Jack, perhaps along with other things…

… because *just* up the hill lies the Anglo-Saxon Rabbit Hole Baker has visited several times for this blog, with his last journey found in this October blog entry. Notice in this picture from that post, a Torchwood themed book with a picture of Jack Harkness on it was discovered at the time.

Big question now: will the Edwardston Station Gallery *stay* in Blackmount? Or will it soon be replaced by something else. I *like* it here — but that’s never kept me from changing structures out rather quickly. Safe to say that the ESG is suppose to be here at this time, and that the ground configuration below it — added Gallery Jack elements — seems a natural development as well.

I should also mention here that Blackmount Sink is, believe it or not, the only sink of the 6 in Sunklands that I haven’t either rented in or owned property in up until now. So I suppose that was an attraction to buying available land there as well — completing a circle of sorts.

2 Jacks.