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Addional Additional… December 18, 2010

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Last shot of Pietmond South objects (foreground) before I deleted all and returned the land to its renter.

Then we have several pictures of objects from Pietmond *Northeast*, the great majority of which were also deleted in coming days as I negotiated tier space for the Blackmount sink purchases.

Shed in heart of now “chopped down” Pietmond Northeast forest, a smaller counterpart to the Pietmond South Piney Woods, deleted just before.

An older exhibit (Baker Bloch in England) but in a new space: the remodeled Tower of TILE structure on the east end of Pietmond proper, shortened to about 1/2 its former 40 meter height in the process. I think it fits in really well here, better than in the old tower forming part of the Blue Feather Gallery in Noru. Not as much distance between pictures… easier to assimilate the whole.

Near the beginning of the exhibit, a larger than life Baker Bloch is pictured, much to the pleasure of the virtually real Baker here.

Baker walking one of the many steps separating the various rooms of the exhibit.

Baker Bloch actually claps when seeing this large map on one of the gallery walls, showing the locations of various places he visited or lived at during his Spring 2010 trip.

A look down into the central tower itself, with the 4, open floors colored the 4 TILE colors, starting at the bottom with red and ending at the top, blue.

Zooming directly up and out from this tower to take in the whole of Pietmond.

Reaching the end of the exhibit, Baker creepily says goodbye to Baker.


2 Responses to “Addional Additional…”

  1. […] Shot of small waterfall, cave, water tower, and short path connecting the latter two objects, the only things remaining of Pietmond Northeast described in this earlier post. […]

  2. […] I am projecting a *really* big, future venture fusing our collage sensibilities (and Edna’s photography skills), but it will involve an extended “trip” to Britain, probably months and months in length and which may not happen until we are both retired. In the meantime, Edna has already visited England for 2 weeks with a friend this fall, and my virtual avatar Baker Bloch, aided by a touch of collage magic, hehe, was able to do the same this past spring, as recorded in Pietmond’s final, present gallery: the Tower of TILE. […]

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